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I'm a theoretical fitness studio junkie. I love the idea of all the specialty boutique studios out there, but I'm a little fickle and a little cheap, so committing $100 or more dollars to a single studio for a month's pass has always made me cringe.

Conceptually, I understand why boutique studios need to charge $20 or more per class. Beyond the overhead expenses of a studio, trainers provide more personalized instruction and don't have the constant in-and-out traffic of a standard gym. They have to make a profit by filling the classes they offer. But at the same time, you can sign up for a month's membership to many big box gyms for just $15 to $50, including access to group fitness classes. For someone like me who likes the variety, it's hard to justify spending so much on a single boutique studio.

That's why I was thrilled to hear about services offering multi-studio "passports" providing customers who purchase the passport to gain access to a wide variety of boutique studios for a flat monthly rate. Here are a few of the current multi-studio passport options currently available.



ClassPass is growing fast and getting lots of press. This multi-studio passport is offered at a flat rate ranging from $79 to $99 per month and can be found in 20 cities nationwide.

Members have access to multiple studios (for instance, in Austin, there are 56 studios currently participating), and can attend as many classes as they want throughout the month. The only catch is that members can only attend up to three classes per month at a single studio. So, if you really love the Bar Method, you're limited to attending three Bar Method classes per month, but you can continue to use the ClassPass to access other participating studios.

If you're a legitimate studio junkie, this is a phenomenal deal. Since most studios average at least $20 per class, attending just four to five classes per month makes the investment worth the cost.

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Gymfinite is very similar to ClassPass, but with a few specific differences.

First, Gymfinite is currently only located in Denver, Colorado. Obviously this is a drawback if you don't live in Denver.

Second, Gymfinite doesn't offer the unlimited studio access ClassPass offers. For the service's $99 monthly fee, you can attend classes or open gym times a total of eight occasions per month at participating locations. For the higher rate of $199 per month you can access participating facilities a total of 30 times over the course of the month.

That said, the final thing that makes Gymfinite stand out is significant. In addition to access to specific classes, Gymfinite also provides access to "open gym" at participating locations. So if you're looking for a mix of a more traditional gym and specialty classes, Gymfinite could be the perfect fit.

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American Health and Fitness Alliance PassBook

You know those coupon books you can buy that are packed full of coupons to restaurants and entertainment venues? The PassBook is a lot like that.

Essentially, you purchase a PassBook (specific to New York, Chicago, Houston, or Los Angeles), and within the PassBook are free coupons and discounts to hundreds of fitness venues throughout the city. Each coupon is good for a minimum of two visits, but some are good for several weeks. For instance, the New York Fitness PassBook includes a one-week pass to 24 Hour Fitness and a two-week pass to Jazzercise.

Another benefit is that the coupons are good for the entire year, which means you can use them at your leisure. And if you happen to join one of the participating facilities before the year runs out, you'll receive the entire cost of the PassBook back.

Each PassBook costs $85 plus a $5 shipping and handling fee.

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FitReserve is another organization much like ClassPass, but is currently located only in New York City, although there are plans to expand soon. The main differences between FitReserve and ClassPass are:

  1. With FitReserve you can attend classes up to four times per studio, while with ClassPass you're limited to three classes per studio.
  2. FitReserve also offers exclusive studio partner deals to anyone who has been a FitReserve member for more than a month. This means you can receive special discounts and deals from partners like Uber, Lole, Zeel, and Bestowed.
  3. You have full access to studio schedules. In some cases, schedules are limited with ClassPass as studios are trying to fill the less-popular time slots. With FitReserve you can access even the most popular times and locations.

A 10-class per month membership costs $149, while a 20-class per month membership costs $249.

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Yoga & Fitness Passport

Yoga Fitness Passport

The Yoga & Fitness Passport is a bit of a combination of a ClassPass format and the PassBook format. You pay a flat fee for access to 30 classes at participating studios, but you have up to six months from the first use to use your vouchers before they expire. As long as you put your Passport to good use, it drops the per-class rate down to just $10.

You can also choose to take between five to 10 classes per participating location, a feature that blows ClassPass and FitReserve out of the water.

The Passport is also widely available, including fitness centers and studios across the country, which may make it more accessible than some of the other multi-studio fitness options.

I also found a screaming deal on Groupon for the Yoga & Fitness Passport - 93% off! That means the 30-class Passport was marked down to just $20. Check your local Groupon to see if you can find the same deal, just search "Yoga & Fitness Passport."

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