How to Make Multiplication Flash Cards for Children to Study

Use Multiplication Flash Cards with Your Child at Home and at School

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Multiplication skills provide an important foundation for the future skills your child will learn in math, and flash cards can be effective tools for teaching multiplication and other numbers skills.

Get tips on making your own multiplication flash cards and on printing flash cards you find online with this overview.

Which Students Benefit From Multiplication Flash Cards?

Multiplication flash cards are usually designed for students in the elementary grades who are just being introduced to the concept of multiplication.

But such flash cards may also benefit older students who need a refresher course in multiplication or have a learning disability in math, such as dyscalculia.

Typical math flash cards cover multiplication facts from 1 to 12 and include cards with and without answers. You can start out with the cards with answers until your child gains the confidence he needs to perform multiplication without these hints. You can use the flash cards with your child, encourage your child to practice with them alone or get your child to practice with a friend or sibling.

Making Your Own Flash Cards

If you don't want to buy a set of multiplication flash cards, you can easily make a set of your own. Look in your child's math textbook for ideas or consult math workbooks to come up with the equations you want to feature on the flash cards. Remember to make sure that the cards you use cover a wide range of facts.

Once you've found the equations you'd like to use on your flash cards, you can print them on cardboard-like printing paper and then laminate the cards to ensure they can withstand wear and tear.

Involve your child in the process to allow her to take ownership of the flash cards and feel a sense of investment in them. This should motivate her to take an interest in practicing with the cards.

Tips for Printing Math Flash Cards

If you'd rather find multiplication flash cards on the Internet than to make your own, try to find files that print two pages of cards.

You can print the whole set of cards or select specific ones your child needs to review.

Want to save on the cost of printing? Print your flash cards using the "draft quality" setting for your printer. Draft quality uses less ink but produces copies that are a little lighter than regular copies. This will work just fine for flash cards.

The Disadvantages of Rote Memorization

As more than 40 states in the United States have adopted the Common Core State Standards, rote memorization in all subjects is increasingly frowned upon by school districts. While flash cards can help students memorize their timetables, the Common Core standards are designed to ensure that students understand the process of arriving at the correct answer rather than simply memorizing what the right answer is.

Parents who use multiplication flash cards with their children need to ensure that their kids understand why 2 x 2 = 4 and the other equations that will lead to 4 being the correct answer. Use an abacus, figurines, a multiplication race track and graphics to help your children understand math concepts such as multiplication.

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