Murphy's Law for Runners

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Murphy’s Law is an old adage that says, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”  As many runners can attest, Murphy’s Law can sometimes hold true in running. 

Although running can be full of spectacular, inspiring moments, runners encounter their fair share of problems and embarrassments. See how many of these you can relate to:

1. You don’t need to use the porta-potty at the race start, where there are dozens of toilets.

But as soon as you start and there isn’t a bathroom in sight, you need to go immediately.

2. When you feel like you could use a quick break to catch your breath at a traffic light, the light is green. When you’re in a groove and want to keep running, it’s red.

3. During an out-and-back run, you’re running into a headwind. When you finally turn around, the wind changes directions so you’re running into the wind…again.

4. You finally find a pair of running shorts that you absolutely love and then find out that they’ve discontinued them.

5. You skip the sunscreen for your run because it’s supposed to be cloudy all day, and the sun comes out when you’re a couple of miles in.

6. When you finally get the courage to sign up for a certain race, it’s sold out.

7. As soon as you feel like your training is going really, really well, you get injured.

8. You're exhausted all day before a big race, but then can't fall asleep the night before.

9. You pick the shortest porta-potty line at a race, but the other lines move much faster.

10. You run hard during your entire 5-mile run and the minute you start walking to cool down, a friend drives past you and honks.

11. When running on a narrow road, two cars driving in opposite directions pass right at the moment you’re running next to them.

12. You train during a brutally cold winter for your marathon and then get an unseasonably warm race day.

13. You wear white during a run, and it starts raining.

14. You time your treadmill run so you can watch your favorite show at the gym, and the only available treadmill's TV is broken.

15. Your one planned rest day is the day of the most perfect running weather that week.

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