Music Improves Exercise Motivation

How music improves motivation to exercise

music and motivation
Music and motivation. Erik Isakson / Getty

Can music motivate your workout or get you to exercise longer or harder? For many people, the answer is yes, definitely. You just need to have the right music.

How To Use Music for Exercise Motivation

While training to music can be a great motivator, it isn't for everyone. If you use headphones, make sure you can do so safely. For example, cyclists shouldn't use headphones on the road with traffic.

Also, be careful how loud you play your music.

Even when you are working out and want the volume way up, you need to keep in mind that listening too loud, particularly with earbuds, can lead to permanent hearing loss. Experts recommend you listen for no more than an hour a day at about 60 percent of max volume to stay safe.

  1. Select the right MP3 Player.
    It should not interfere with your workout. Be sure that the ear pieces will stay in place.
    • All MP3 Players
    • Apple iPod Shuffle
    • iPod Nano
    • Finis waterproof MP3 player
  2. Create a Playlist of your favorite workout songs
  3. Warm-up for the first 5 to 10 minutes with a slow to moderate tempo.
  4. The training phase should have songs that match your exercise pace, are fun and upbeat. Rotate fast songs with slower songs for interval training.
  5. Cool down with slower paced music for your final phase. Like your warm up, it should have a few songs with a slower beat that will slow your body and heart rate down.
  1. Finish with flexibility and stretching by slowing the song tempo even more. Use this time to calm your body & mind enjoy relaxing after a great workout.

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