10 Must-do Fall Toddler Activities

Fall Family Fun

Ashley Corbin-Teich

Cooler temperatures and crisp air have arrived -- it's time to get some seasonal toddler-approved activities on your calendar. Use this fall bucket list as a guide! 

Visit a Petting Zoo

Steve Prezant

Fall is the perfect time to head to your local petting zoo or petting farm. Get up close with goats, chickens, kittens and other friendly farm animals. Bring change for the food pellet machines (most petting zoo’s have them) so your little one can feed the animals. 

Pick Out a Pumpkin.

Roberto Westbrook

It wouldn’t be fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch. Local pumpkin patches are typically buzzing with activity this time of year, offering plenty of fun for toddlers like corn mazes, bounce houses, hayrides and more. 

Splash at an Indoor Waterpark

Russell Underwood

You don’t have to give up water-related fun just because summer is over. Check your area for indoor waterparks (or even just indoor pools) and splash around without worrying about the weather. Many hotels have indoor waterparks — it’s a great way to entice families to stay or even just to visit for the day. 

Snap Family Photos.

Jasper Cole

Whether you hire a professional photographer or just head to the park with your smartphone, fall is the perfect time to update family photos and capture your toddler on film. The cooler temperatures make a photography outing more comfortable, while the colorful foliage provides an unbeatable backdrop. 

Go Trick or Treating.

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Toddlers and two-year-olds get excited about dressing up for Halloween and going door to door asking for goodies, even if they don't totally understand the trick-or-treating concept. Remember that your toddler won't have the staying power of an elementary school student. Get out early and plan to visit houses within a few blocks. Thirty minutes should be plenty of time for most toddlers. 

Cheer on Your Favorite Football Team

Football game
Rob D. Casey

Nothing says fall like huddling under a blanket in a stadium while watching your favorite football team. Dress your team’s littlest fan for the weather and head out to watch a hometown team. Plenty of college, high school and even professional football games are played at times convenient to a toddler’s schedule. Your little one will love cheering on the players, sampling concessions and watching the band play. Plus, there’s no need to stick it out for the whole game; parents can come and go as they please when toddler’s reach their limit.

Hunt for Fall Foliage.

La Fée

Autumn is the perfect time to plan a family hike. Make it extra fun for toddlers by preparing a fall-inspired scavenger hunt. Print off a card with pictures of different colored leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other natural items you'll find on a walk. Head to your closest forest preserve or park and help your toddler identify and match the items on the sheet. 

Learn about Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving toddler
Courtney Weittenhiller

Teaching young children, especially toddlers, about gratitude and giving thanks can be difficult, but Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start. Spend time during your meal or bedtime routine talking about what happened that day and what you and your child are thankful or grateful for. You can make this part of your routine all year. 

Decorate a Pumpkin

No need to break out the carving knives. Small pumpkins are perfect for toddlers. Let your toddler get creative using markers, stickers, glue, glitter and paint to decorate their pumpkin.

Go Apple Picking.


Apple season begins in September in many parts of the United States and extends through Octobers. Head to a local orchard and let your toddler pick apples. Eat them raw or have your toddler help you with a fun fall cooking project, like applesauce, apple pie or apple cider. 

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