Must-Have Costumes Accesories for Young Children

Create Halloween Costumes or Inspire Dress-Up Fun With These Fun Extras

Detailed and elaborate costumes look great on model children in magazines, but in reality, simple is usually best with young kids. In fact, a few key accessories added to clothes you already have in your closet will likely make great costumes for Halloween, plus provide your child with endless ideas and hours of dramatic play fun.

Cape and Mask

cape and mask

Give your little one the power to turn into a superhero...or maybe Zorro. Pair it with a super hero t-shirt and comfortable pants or a skirt, and you have an exciting (and potty-friendly) costume for a day at the park, saving teddy bears in the living room, or a Halloween party with pals.

Chef Apron

chef apron

This chef set is truly a versatile pick. You can use it when introducing your toddler to the kitchen and teaching him to help out with basic recipes or save it for dress up and Halloween parties, and it can be paired with a nice mixing spoon and bowl for added effect.

Doctor Set

doctor dress up set

As much as your toddler might cry when she gets a shot or sees the pediatrician, she'll probably want to pretend to relive the experience over and over -- just, this time, as the doctor. A cute and simple doctor kit and dress up outfit make the perfect toys than for any child.


Magic Cabin Fanciful Fabric Wings

Any type of wings can make a little one happy, but I do love these Magic Cabin Fanciful Fabric Wings. Your child can be anything from a bird to an angel to a superhero like Falcon.

Pirate Hat

pirate hat

From a Disney character from to a mean old buccaneer, a pirate hat lets your child transform into a multitude of characters.

Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat

A nice old-fashioned felt hat is a good choice for your child's dress up box or a themed Woody and Jessie costume for Halloween. You can choose from a variety of colors for unlimited possibilities.

Kings Crown

kings crown

You may never know how much your son longs to be a king until you see him don a play crown. A steady crown that won't crack when it's first stepped on or stuffed into the toy box is important. Also, look out for warnings on models that say "not recommended for children under 3."



Like a king's crown, a tiara can be used to denote royalty. But a delicate crown of jewels can also be the perfect accessory for a princess, fairy, ballerina, or superhero (if you're the type of superhero my daughter prefers at least). Again, look for products that are safe and appropriate for small children, since the "jewels" on some crowns and tiaras could pose a choking hazard to toddlers and 2-year-olds.

Police Belt

police belt

My son likes to pretend his police belt is Bat Man's utility belt, but even taken as it was intended, this is one cool accessory. A good play police belt include several toddler-safe toys (and does not necessarily need to have a toy gun included if you prefer to not to have those in your home).

Grass Skirt

grass skirt

Okay, so a grass skirt may not be what you would consider a must-have accessory. But , wow, are they a lot of fun for dress up. A flowered t-shirt or bathing suit top turns this into a Hawaiian costume that kids will have a load of fun with. Add sunglasses and summer shoes, and you have a toddler ready to sway those hips to some Hawaiian music.

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