16 Must-Have Gifts for the Yoga, Barre, Pilates or Dance Lover

Gifts for the Mind-Body Fitness Lover

yoga pilates dance gifts
Laura Williams

Mind-body workouts that focus on flexibility as a key component of the routine (think barre, yoga, Pilates and dance) are quickly taking over boutique fitness studios all over the country. These workouts range from the traditional, vinyasa flow yoga routines to the more unusual dance-inspired resistance band workouts and home-based SUP yoga practices. If you know someone who has embraced the pseudo-spiritual (or actually spiritual) approach to whole-body fitness, there's no doubt they'll appreciate one of these great gifts.

Patience Yoga Strap

Patience Yoga Strap

The Patience Yoga Strap available for purchase at Enrou ($14) isn't just a cute and functional way to tote a yoga mat to and from the studio, it's also a great way to give back. This particular strap helps fund ABAN, an environmental sustainable goods organization that uses recycled plastic water bags paired with hand-stamped and dyed fabrics from Batik artisans. The result is a unique and beautiful product that also helps provide artisans with jobs.

Great Studio Gear

Athletic Apparel
New Balance

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there's no self-respecting fitness nut who will turn her nose up at new workout apparel. If you're shopping for someone who spends time at the barre or on the mat, make sure you're springing for duds with four-way stretch and fun features. For instance, the New Balance Studio Tight ($90) offers additional traction for barefoot activities with its open heel and silicone grippers (and they're long enough for the tall ladies!). Likewise, the New Balance Dance Pant ($85) are slouchy and on-trend, with crazy-comfortable four-way stretch perfect for hip hop, ballet or a megaformer Pilates class.

Top of a pair of pants with the New Balance Favorite Tank ($40) to complete a fashionable and functional outfit. The Favorite Tank (which is now, literally, my favorite tank) features soft, moisture-wicking fabric and a slightly burned out look that allows a bit of a sports bra to peek through. The long length makes it perfect for layering.

Mat Wash

Manduka Mat Wash
Dick's Sporting Goods

It's easy to allow too much time to pass between yoga mat washings... which is pretty gross to think about. If your best friend spends half her time at the yoga studio, she'll appreciate Manduka's Gingergrass Mat Renew Spray ($10). It's made with essential oils for enhanced sustainability, and its certified-organic solution smells delicious and won't leave you worried about toxins or harsh chemicals.

Stamina Portable Studio Barre

Stamina Studio Barre
Dick's Sporting Goods

When your bud can't make it to her favorite barre class, chances are she'll want to keep her workout going at home. Most barre DVDs suggest participants use a sturdy chair in place of an actual, wall-mounted barre, but chairs can be unwieldy and awkward, especially if you don't have one that's the right height.

Make your friend's at-home workout easier with the portable Stamina Studio Barre, available at Dick's Sporting Goods ($130). The aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to move around, and it offers 16 different height settings so you never have to worry about it being too tall or too short. It takes about five minutes to set up and break down, and it has a carrying bag so your friend can tote it with her, if she's so inclined.

Lorna Jane's 2016 Move Nourish Believe Diary

Move Nourish Believe
Lorna Jane

I used the 2015 Move Nourish Believe diary and loved it, so I definitely suggest grabbing the new edition for 2016 ($40). This diary is more than your standard planner or fitness journal. It has yearly, monthly and daily planning space, as well as goal setting worksheets, healthy recipes, motivational sayings and constant encouragement. Plus, it's pretty. If your friend wants to put the "mind" into mind-body workouts, this diary can help her get there.

Everyday Yoga Book

Everyday Yoga
Velo Press

When I first received a review copy of Everyday Yoga: At-Home Routines to Enhance Fitness, Build Strength, and Restore Your Body ($22), I turned to my husband and said, "If I were to write a book, I'd want it to be like this." Written by renowned yogi, Sage Rountree, the book offers full-color, step-by-step images of yoga poses and flows in a lay-flat spiral-bound paperback. For the friend who wants to start a yoga routine at home, or one who simply wants a home-based alternative when the studio's not an option, this book makes it easy to follow simple flows on your own time.

Manduka PRO Mat

Manduka PRO Mat

Yes, you can buy a yoga mat for about $25 at Target that will get you through a few practices. Chances are, however, it won't last forever, and it won't be a mat that makes you go, "Ooooooh. This feels good."

There's a reason why the Manduka PRO has such a substantial following and tends to be the mat of choice for yoga instructors. The mat is extra long and dense with excellent comfort and cushioning (6 millimeters!), as well as a non-slip fabric-like finish and... wait for it... a lifetime guarantee. In other words, this mat will last. Show your favorite yogi you really love him and spring for the PRO this year ($108 to $150, depending on style).

YogaGlo Subscription


Yoga classes are expensive, costing anywhere from $10 to $40 per session. YogaGlo, on the other hand, offers unlimited, on-demand yoga classes taught by excellent instructors available 24/7 on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, all for only $18 a month. In other words, its a good deal and a great gift, particularly for the yogi who likes the flexibility of occasionally (or always) practicing at home. Plus, with 3,000 classes to choose from, you know there's something for the beginner, the advanced and the "just trying new things" yogi.

Good Citizen Pilates Loops

Pilates Loops
Good Citizen

Pilates loops at a Pilates studio are a bit like yoga mats at a big box gym - who knows how long its been since they've been cleaned? Keep your friend's feet and hands safe from other people's germs by springing for a set of Good Citizen Pilates Loops ($60 to $65). These loops are made of 100% cotton fabric that's naturally resistant to dust and dust mites and naturally repels water and sweat. The Nylon webbing provides comfort, flexibility and support, and the water-proof foam offers additional comfort. In other words, your friend is going to love you for getting them for her.

Pure Barre Flex Series DVDs or Streaming Programs

Pure Barre DVDs
Pure Barre

I truly enjoy barre workouts, but I tend not to make time for them. The problem is, my day is typically filled with a million other workouts (a million might be stretching the truth a bit, but I do stay pretty active), so finding time for an additional, 60-minute class is not a top priority.

That's why I absolutely love the new Pure Barre Flex Series Package ($60). The package includes two products - the Tone in 10 DVD offering six, 10-minute workouts, and the 30 Minute Burn DVD with two, 30-minute routines. The package also comes with the streaming versions of the workout and a pair of sticky socks.

I'm particularly fond of the Tone in 10 routines because I can simply stream a workout from my computer as soon as I get back from my morning walk with my dogs, and in just 10 minutes, I'm done. It's a great way to add a bit of barre in a hectic schedule, and the perfect gift for any barre aficionado who wants an easy way to fit in few at-home routines.

Namastay in Bed Tank

Namastay in Bed Tank
Valleau Apparel

I really don't feel like this Namastay in Bed tank from Valleau Apparel ($27) needs an explanation. The tank is fun, it's sassy and it's the perfect twist on "namaste," which means that yogis will obviously love it. Plus, it's soft and comfy. Win, win, win.

Burn Pilates DVD

Burn Pilates DVD
Burn Pilates

For the Pilates lover, there's no way to go wrong with a gift of the Burn Pilates DVD ($20) put out by the Burn Pilates founder and fitness expert, Lisa Corsello. This innovative routine isn't your typical Pilates workout, although it does incorporate some of the most popular core-strengthening Pilates mat exercises, like the 100. Rather, the workout combines Pilates, cardio moves and strength training into series that feel a bit like a combination of a barre, Pilates and HIIT class - a fun twist to a more traditional Pilates workout.

Grounding, Strengthening Jewelry

Lizzy Shaw Studio/Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Jewelry designed specifically for the mind-body fitness enthusiast is growing in popularity - you can find everything from "namaste" necklaces to yoga-pose earrings. Rather than opt for the obvious yoga or dance jewelry, consider giving your friend a piece of jewelry with a more subtle meaning and encouragement. Take, for instance, the pendants from Lizzy Shaw Studio ($85 to $95, depending on stone). These necklaces each feature gemstones that have been associated with healing and strengthening qualities - onyx encourages strength and discipline, carnelian enhances physical strength and blue chalcedony helps soothe the spirit and balance emotions. If there's a particular goal your friend is trying to achieve, buying a piece of jewelry to help encourage her with strength and wisdom is a great way to show her you're in her corner.

Likewise, the Bijou Longevity Bead Bracelets from Isabelle Grace Jewelry ($28 each) are another beautiful and meaningful option. The bracelets feature the longevity symbol to represent a long, healthy and prosperous life, and they're made of blue jade, coral, matte black onyx or matte cracked quartz, each of which is similarly imbued with meaningful characteristics.

Leg Warmers

Nice Pipes Leg Warmers
Nice Pipes

Certainly there's no real need for leg warmers, but they're on-trend and adorable, which means they make an excellent gift for a yogi, barre babe or dance chick. This fun pair of ombre thigh highs are available from nicepipes for $50 and are even made of UPF 50+ fabric.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear

Ex Officio Sport Mesh

A great pair of performance underwear can make the difference between complete comfort during a downward dog and a self-conscious worry that takes the mind away from your mind-body workout. ExOfficio's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear ($20 to $32, depending on style) come in men's and women's versions and are designed for active use. They offer quick-drying, wicking and anti-microbial fabric with a stretch mesh fabric for breathability and mobility. Not to mention, the flatlock seams stay secure during activity, so you don't have to worry about them riding up or chafing. I especially love the color options and the sporty, contrasting waistband and seams. Men's Sport Mesh are available in four styles and Women's Sport Mesh are available in three (I suggest the thong to prevent panty lines from showing under yoga pants!).

Bloch Studio Shoe

Bloch Studio Shoe

If you have a friend who hates going barefoot in studio classes, she will love you forever if you buy her a pair of Bloch Studio Shoes ($60). These highly flexible shoes are made for studio classes like barre, yoga and Pilates. They offer ultimate articulation and come in two versions - an open-toed variety so you can grip the floor with your toes, and the closed-toe variety that keeps your toes tucked inside.

MELT Method Super Bundle

MELT Method Super Bundle
MELT Method

https://www.meltmethod.com/store/product/super-bundle ($150)

The MELT Super Bundle contains the MELT Soft Body Roller, the 3-disc MELT Method DVD, the Hand and Foot Treatment Kit, the 2-disc MELT Hand and Foot Treatments DVD, and the MELT Method book. This bundle is valued at $200 – save more than $50!

The Soft Body Roller is the only roller developed specifically for the techniques of the MELT Method, offering gentle compression without unnecessary discomfort.

The MELT Method DVD includes 3 discs, including step-by-step tutorials, 8 mix-and-match sequences, and 3 full classes that you can take with MELT creator Sue Hitzmann in your own home.

The Hand and Foot Treatment Kit gives you the tools for the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment: 8 MELT Treatment balls (2 of each size), 1 Bunion Reducer Band, and 2 illustrated instruction guides.

The 2-disc MELT Hand and Foot Treatments DVD set is the perfect companion to the Kit, with 8 individualized treatments for the hands and feet so you can MELT on your own every day.

The MELT Method book is the second edition of the bestseller that has helped more than 200,000 people get out and stay out of pain. Now it’s your turn!

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