Gifts for the Yoga, Barre, Pilates or Dance Lover

The Perfect Gift: Affordable Classes


Mind-body workouts that focus on flexibility as a key component of the routine (think barre, yoga, Pilates and dance) are quickly taking over boutique fitness studios all over the country. These workouts range from the traditional, vinyasa flow yoga routines to the more unusual dance-inspired resistance band workouts and home-based SUP yoga practices. If you know someone who has embraced the pseudo-spiritual (or actually spiritual) approach to whole-body fitness, there's no doubt they'll appreciate one of these great gifts. Starting first, of course, with affordable, do-anywhere classes. Essential, given that most yoga classes are expensive, costing anywhere from $10 to $40 per session.

YogaGlo, on the other hand, offers unlimited, on-demand yoga classes taught by excellent instructors available 24/7 on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, all for only $18 a month. In other words, its a good deal and a great gift, particularly for the yogi who likes the flexibility of occasionally (or always) practicing at home. Plus, with 3,000 classes to choose from, you know there's something for the beginner, the advanced and the "just trying new things" yogi.

A Pre- and Post-Class Cover-Up: Cardimom

Cardimom workout cover-up

For the go-anywhere, do anything cover-up that helps women transition from the studio to everyday life, look no further than the Cardimom. While it was originally designed as a multi-use product for new moms to wear as a cardigan, a nursing cover, or a ​baby-wearing cover, its versatility as a workout cover-up is actually pretty genius. Because it can be transformed in an instant from a poncho-style cover-up to a stylish, slouchy cardigan, it's the perfect piece to take you from the studio to your day-to-day life.

Space-Saving Toiletries: Savvy Travelers Wipes

Savvy Travelers
Savvy Travelers

Keeping clean is a requirement if you're an active woman on-the-go, and Savvy Travelers Wipes make it easy to stay fresh without loading down your gym bag with lots of toiletries. The Klean  Upz are perfect for wiping down your hands after a sweaty workout session, the No Sweat wipes provide individually wrapped antiperspirant and deodorant protection, and the Klean Offz are perfect for wiping down yoga mats or gym equipment before you break a sweat. Buy a few packs as add-ons to a larger gift, or give the gift of a monthly subscription that delivers a fresh batch of wipes to your favorite yogi each month. 

All-Day Inspiration: Paintspiration "By Being Yourself" Art Print

Paintspiration Art Print

If your favorite yogi is maxed out with spandex, yoga mats, and tanks featuring four-way stretch, help her stay centered when she leaves the studio with a contemplative print like Paintspiration's "By Being Yourself" art print. ​Overlaid over the cool watercolor tones is the quote, "By being yourself, you put something wonderful into this world that was not there before." A beautiful sentiment for anyone to meditate on.

Goal-Setting Help: Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal

fitlosophy fitspiration journals

To continue seeing results, goal-setting is an essential part of an active lifestyle. If your favorite fitness lover is a fan of journaling, look no further than the three-month fitlosophy fitspiration books. Each journal features space to set daily goals, journal about the journey, and track fitness and nutrition. Plus, the journals feature motivational quotes and wellness tips to keep the user on track. The beautiful, bound books can be purchased individually, or as a set.

Workout Wardrobe Two-Fer: Stelari Illusion Reversible Leggings

Stelari Illusion Leggings

There's nothing better than giving a single gift that does double-duty, like Stelari's two-for-one Illusion Reversible Leggings. One side features an x-ray flower print, while the other side is a basic black with a gold striped waist and chevron detail at the ankle. Whether worn to yoga, Pilates, barre, or dance class, your favorite fit chick is sure to stay in style.

To Set the Mood: Art Naturals Oil Diffuser and Top 8 Essential Oils Set

Art Naturals Oil Diffuser Set
Art Naturals

Essential oils have developed a cult following, particularly among those pursuing healthy, natural lifestyles. If you have a friend that fits the bill, consider purchasing an oil diffuser set, like the Art Naturals Top 8 Oils and Oil Diffuser. The oils featured in this set include rosemary, sweet orange, lemongrass, frankincense, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender, while the diffuser's sleek lines and seven LED light settings work with the oils to set the mood. This is a particularly nice gift for yoga instructors who want to use essential oils to set a specific tone for each of their classes.

Epidemia Designs "She's Got Heart" Capri Leggings

She's Got Heart Leggings
Epidemia Designs

The woman who gives it all in every practice deserves a pair of "She's Got Heart" capris from Epidemia Designs. Possibly one of the coolest workout apparel concepts to ever hit the market, Epidemia Designs features images of actual human cells as the pattern on each item of clothing.

So, yes, that means the "She's Got Heart" capris feature a design of cardiac muscle cells. Likewise, the "She's Got Nerve" and "She's Got Brains" collections feature nerve cells and neural stem cells, respectively. Best of all? The company donates a portion of every purchase to organizations that support women and girls pursuing education and careers in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

For the Pilates Obsessed: Good Citizen Pilates Loops

Pilates Loops
Good Citizen

Pilates loops at a Pilates studio are a bit like yoga mats at a big box gym - who knows how long its been since they've been cleaned? Keep your friend's feet and hands safe from other people's germs by springing for a set of Good Citizen Pilates Loops ($60 to $65). These loops are made of 100% cotton fabric that's naturally resistant to dust and dust mites and naturally repels water and sweat. The Nylon webbing provides comfort, flexibility and support, and the water-proof foam offers additional comfort. In other words, your friend is going to love you for getting them for her.

For the Cocktail-Loving Yogi: Zen and Tonic Book

Zen and Tonic Book
Jules Aron

Any yogi with an appreciation for a good cocktail will love the Zen and Tonic book by Jules Aron (The Countryman Press 2016). This book provides "fresh and savory cocktails for the enlightened drinker" featuring fresh, organic ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The result is a slew of recipes for balanced drinking, with exciting flavors, a little buzz, and good-for-you nutrients, to boot.

Chakras by Didi Mantra Tank

Chakras by Didi Mantra Tank
CHakras by Didi

Nothing balances a sleek pair of yoga pants better than a loose, free-swinging tank, like the Chakras by Didi Mantra Tank. The cute cut of the tank is made even better with the inclusion of a traditional yoga mantra, "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" on the front, with the English translation written across the back hemline, "May all beings be happy. May all thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the happiness of all beings." It's the perfect, stylish addition to any thoughtful yoga practice.

Luci Candle

Luci Candle
Luci Candle

Candles certainly help set the mood for a contemplative yoga practice, but they tend to be messy and hard to transport, while battery-operated candles are frequently clunky and heavy. Enter: the Luci Candle. This completely solar-powered, flameless candle packs away into a lightweight, easily transportable cylinder that you can take with you anywhere (just throw it in your gym bag!).

To set it up, simply inflate the cylinder into its larger size (a few puffs of air do the trick), and allow the natural-looking flicker to set the mood. This gift is particularly nice for individuals with a home-based yoga practice, or for yoga instructors who offer classes at multiple locations.

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Hot yoga fans aren't the only ones who will enjoy the Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat. This soft and functional mat fuses a non-slip hot yoga towel with a supportive, five-millimeter thick yoga mat. At 72-inches long and 24-inches wide, it's the perfect size for just about everyone, and the soft support lends itself to just about any floor-based exercise, including Pilates, ab work, and basic stretching. Best of all? It can be machine washed at home if you have a front-loading washer, making it easy to keep it clean and sanitized.

Invisibobble Power Hair Ties

Invisibobble Power

The perfect gift add-on for the fitness fanatic with long hair are the Invisibobble Power hair ties. These unique, spiral-shaped ties are made from a special, non-absorbent material that grips without ripping, helping prevent hair breakage while keeping strands in place. They cost a little more than your standard elastic hair bands, but they last longer and do a better job of wrangling locks without tangling them. Your favorite friend may not think to splurge on a set for herself, which is why they're the perfect gift idea.

For Post-Workout Relaxation: Ola Pono Spa Deluxe Bath Set

Ola Pono Spa Deluxe Bath Set
Ola Hawaiian Body Products

There's not a woman in the world who doesn't appreciate a nice spa day, especially after a tough workout. If sending your best friend to the spa is out of your price range, consider picking up a bath set, like the Ola Spa Deluxe set, so she can treat herself at home. This set includes body wash, body butter, body polish and body mist, all with a fresh and clean scent of lemongrass and coconut.

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