Five Must-Have Stroller Accessories for Twin Strollers

Outfit your double stroller with these handy gadgets

For families with twins, a double stroller is much used piece of equipment. It's the main mode of transportation during the baby and toddler years. Whatever double stroller you choose, you can outfit it with these handy accessories to make life just a little bit easier. Whether it's keeping your hands free and providing extra comfort, these items will provide an extra measure of convenience and efficiency -- making life with multiples just a bit easier. 

Summer Infant Adjustable Head Support Cradler (Set of Two)

Summer Infant Adjustable Baby Head Support Cradler
Summer Infant Adjustable Baby Head Support Cradler. Courtesy of

 Even the most deluxe strollers aren't custom fitted for your babies. A head support will provide extra comfort and support for your twins, especially when they are very young. Since many twins are born early and are small in size, these head cradles will prevent stumpage and help them snuggle securely in their stroller. Plus, they're sold as a set of two, perfect for twins. Set of Two Summer Infant Adjustable Head Support Cradlers. 

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Set

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory
Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory. Courtesy of

 Talk about a product that multitasks! These colorful links are a baby toy and stroller accessory all in one. You'll find lots of uses for them. They're small enough to stash away for a quick and easy toy to keep babies entertained. But they can also serve to secure other toys and items to the stroller, to prevent your twins from dropping their favorite things along the way. With nubby textures and bright colors, they promote tactile stimulation and are perfect for teething twins. Bright Starts Lots of Links.

Dreambaby Stroller Fan

Dreambaby Stroller Fan
Dreambaby Stroller Fan. Courtesy of

 When the weather is hot, everyone gets cranky. Whether you use it to generate a cool breeze on the babies, or to keep yourself from losing your cool, it will come in handy when things heat up. Clip it right on to the stroller and adjust the flexible neck to direct the airflow. The soft foam blades won't hurt curious fingers, but it's probably best to keep it out of the reach of twins who'd prefer to use it as a toy. Dreambaby Stroller Fan.

Luna Universal Stroller Hook (Set of Two)

Stroller Hook By Luna
Stroller Hook By Luna. Courtesy of

 You've got two babies and only two hands. So when you're out and about with your baby twins, it's a challenge to juggle all the extra stuff you have to haul around. Keep your hands free for the babies with stroller hooks to store that stuff. These strong, durable hooks are designed to be universal and attach to any model of stroller. Use them to hang your purse, diaper bag, shopping bags or groceries. Conveniently sold in a two pack, for two times the storage on your double stroller. Two-pack of Luna Universal Stroller Hooks.

Buggygear Grippy Smart Phone Holder

Buggygear Grippy Smart Phone Holder
Buggygear Grippy Smart Phone Holder. Courtesy of

Someday in the near future, strollers will probably come equipped with wifi connectivity, bluetooth speakers and a built-in charger for your smart phone. But in the meantime, you've got to figure out a way to keep your cell phone accessible yet leave your hands free to push the stroller and attend to your babies. That's where this cute Buggygear Grippy comes in handy. Hang it on the stroller and it securely grips your cell phone. Because it's flexible, it will fit any phone. Buggygear Grippy Smart Phone Holder.

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