Must Take Pregnancy Photos

Why It's Important to Take Photos in Pregnancy

Couple with hand hearts over a pregnant belly
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Pregnancy is a special time. You are preparing your homes and lives for a new baby. Your body is changing and your belly is growing. You have your relationships changing as you prepare for the newest member of your family.

Sometimes you feel like pregnancy is so intense that you will never forget how you feel or how you look. Then there are times that, in the moment, you think, you will forget quickly and hopefully soon; only to find that later you wish you had paid more attention because you don't really remember. I'd also throw out there that you have a hard time comparing pregnancy to pregnancy when you're not recording it in some way.

Photos are an amazing way to take memories and keep them alive. With your smart phone, you can take pretty decent quality photos with no real planning. This is great for those every day moments. Though I would also make the case for pulling out a nice camera or even considering hiring a photographer to take photos in pregnancy.

This leads us to one of my first suggestions for creative photos. The heart hands over the belly. This can be done at any stage of pregnancy, with just you or you and your partner. If you do it early in pregnancy, it's a great way to announce your pregnancy. 

Comparison Belly Photos

Beer Bellies for pregnancy photos
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 Have you considered taking photos of your belly with your partner? The one on this page goes a bit further than most with a cute and humorous look at what causes a belly. I have also seen this with just the mother and an older child, comparing bellies. This is another photo that can also double as a pregnancy announcement, particularly when done early.

Painted Belly Photos

Painted Belly Progress Bar
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Taking photos with your belly painted is very popular right now. This example is a cute take on computer programs loading. I think it is a lot more positive than the eviction notices, but either can be used. There are also people you can hire to do henna tattoos on your belly, or you can let your kids paint your belly. Either way, be sure to get some photos of the experience, both during and after. 

Disappearing Pregnant Feet

Disappearing Pregnant Feet
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Having your feet disappear is a right of passage in pregnancy. Taking a photo from your point of view looking down, really puts the whole pregnancy thing in perspective. While this is a must have picture towards the end of pregnancy, it can also be a really cute and clever photo to have for a comparison purpose. It's also fun with your toe nails painted fun colors.

Take a Photo with Your Older Kids and Your Belly

Toddler and mom
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If you have other children, be sure to get a photo of them with your belly. There are a lot of ways to do this, including some really sweet shoots like this one. There are also playful photos like photos of your child reading to your belly or having your belly compared to their belly. Remember, becoming an older sibling is a big deal.

The Whole Family Photo

Couple with son kissing pregnant belly
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Taking a photo of you with your partner and your children is also an important shot. If you don't have a friend who can take the photo, be sure to find someone who can help, even if that means you hire a professional. You can do this in a formal manner or in a very informal manner. Consider how you would want the position to be - do you want your child facing your belly or just facing the same was as the rest of the family? Do you want the family to put their hands on your belly?

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