My Newborn Baby Sneezes All the Time!

Toddler girl making unpleasant facial expression
Robin Reeder / Reeder Studios, Llc/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Question: My Baby Sneezes All the Time!

Can you explain to me why 2-week old baby sneezes so much? Could it be her first cold and should take her to the doctor?


More than likely the fact that your baby sneezes so much is nothing to be worried about. In fact, you might be reassured to know that her little body is working exactly as it should be.

Baby Sneezes Serve a Purpose

Let's look at two basic facts about your newborn's breathing pattern:

  • Newborns have little, itty-bitty noses. Itty-bitty noses mean itty-bitty nasal passages. That little pathway can be easily clogged with lint from clothing and blanks, pet hair, dust, residue from spit up, etc. Babies sneeze a lot to keep that passage clean.
  • By their nature, babies are mouth-breathers. They don't switch easily between breathing through their nose and breathing through their mouths. In light of that, they need to clear their nose often.

If your baby sneezes aren't accompanied by any other signs of illness, then more than likely you don't have anything to worry about. Instead, be reassured that her little body is behaving exactly as it should be.

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