My Favorite Yoga Videos

Yoga is the hot topic in the fitness world these days because it soothes, stretches and strengthens your body. It's also a welcome break from the usual cardio and strength training workouts and a nice addition to round out your routine. There's nothing better for reducing stress, increasing flexibility and strengthening your abs, back, and connective tissues. Check out the best yoga videos.


After years of yoga videos, this one remains my all-time favorite. The scenery is breathtaking (it's filmed in White Sands), the music is hypnotic and yoga master, Erich Schiffman, leads you through a challenging workout with clear instructions and a soothing voice. The workout is an hour long and covers basic poses from sun salutations to downward dogs. This video is NOT for beginners!


If you're new to yoga, this video is an excellent introduction. The instructor leads you through a full range of yoga postures and relaxation techniques with soothing instruction and easy-to-follow modifications. The workout is about an hour long and takes you through 23 poses from seated and standing to inverted poses and forward bends. It comes with a 52-page booklet as well.


If you're familiar with yoga, you'll enjoy Bryan Kest's Power Yoga series. Power yoga is a faster-paced form of yoga and isn't for beginners! Bryan is a master instructor and leads you through a challenging and unique workout that is energizing and relaxing. The workout is 50 minutes long and you'll work the entire time! There is some aerobic benefit, but it won't take the place of cardio.


The title call this an ab/yoga workout, but I find it's more of an ab workout than a yoga workout. Rodney Yee has a soothing voice and gives clear instructions on the poses, which require lots of abdominal strength and focus on pelvic stabilization. It's marketed to beginners, but I would categorize it as an intermediate video. This is a refreshing change from traditional ab workouts.


Yoga Zone is known for its easy-to-follow videos and this one is no exception. This workout is designed to increase endurance and flexibility while reducing stress. It's a challenging 48-minute workout of postures that include both standing and floor exercises. The workout is easily accessible to beginners as well as intermediate exercisers.


Kathy is one of the best instructors in the business and brings her down-to-earth style to yoga. No kooky mysticism here, just clear instruction and beautiful scenery. The great thing about Kathy's videos is that they're flexible enough for beginners as well as advanced exercisers and she gives plenty of modifications to tailor the moves to your flexibility level.


This is another favorite of mine because it's perfect for any fitness level and mood. If I just want something simple and soothing, I stick with the first part of the video which includes standard moves like sun salutations and downward dogs. If I want something longer or more challenging, I do the whole thing. Rodney's videos always have spectacular views (I think this one is filmed in Hawaii) and his voice is very soothing.


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