Nail Art Designs for Teens

Decoarating Fingernails

Nail art is a fun teen activity that they can do with friends or with mom if she is adventurous. When I worked at the girls part of the teen home and had some time in the evenings, I would take out a fingernail painting kit. It was like a magnet for the teens and we had some of the best laid back conversations. Moms, if you are feeling the need to connect, this activity might be worth a shot. Or if you just have a group of teen girls to entertain, enjoy our list of fingernail art designs for teens.

Fun and Funky Nail Designs

Fun Nail Art Designs for teens

Dots, stripes, plaids and more designs to create on your nails. I admire these girls who do the video tutorials, if you like their design, be sure to leave them a comment. I also note that your nail kit should have the right tools in it to make the designs you wish to do. If you are doing this activity with a group of teen girls, be sure you have enough of the applicators and thin paint brushes to use with each color, the girls can share.

Water Marble Nail Tutorials

Water Marbling Nail Art Designs for Teens

Teens are loving real nail art and many are enjoying the creativity of playing with their nails. Here are some easy ways to do water marble nails. Note the time it takes to do one nail, this is a long activity. If your teen is asking to do her nails this way, note the different household things you will need to have on hand, like scotch tape and toothpicks.

Converse Sneakers and Other Fun Stuff on Your Nails

Sneakers Nail Art Designs for Teens

I was going to link to just one, but they all had different tips in the videos, so here are a few different links for directions into turning our fingernails into converse sneakers! Such a fun teen thing.

Animal Prints Nail Art

Animal Prints Nail Art Designs for Teens

Animal print can be found in teen fashion pretty much everywhere, even in their nail art. They don't stick to the true colors of the animal stripes and spots always, but the designs are fun and not too hard to do.

Teen Culture Inspired Fingernails

Angry Birds fingernail art

Today's teen has a plethora of things in our U.S. culture that they can draw on to form an identity. Therefore this list is going to be long as different teens enjoy different things. Also, I want to note that some of these nail art designs are more advanced. Don't let that worry you. Practice makes perfect with nail art and you can always try it more than once.

Food Inspired Nail Art

Prom and Party Nail Art Designs

Party Prom Nail Art Designs

Have a pre-prom or pre-party get together with the girls and do up some nail art, so they will be all blinged out and ready for their event.

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