Nail Polish Gift Basket Ideas for Teens

It's easy to put together a gift basket for teens who are into manicures.

teenage girl painting nails
Johner Images/Getty Images

For a teenager who's into manicures and keeping those nails looking nice, a gift basket with nail polish and related swag is a thoughtful gift. It's easy to put together and can be high-end or inexpensive, depending on the products you choose. 

This gift basket doesn't have to be a basket, and in fact, including a nice makeup bag or a fancy box instead will provide storage for the nail care items. 

Items to include in the gift basket include two or three different colors of nail polish. Pick one that's a little more whimsical, and a couple that can be worn every day. Include some cotton balls and nail polish remover, some emery boards with fun patterns, a pair of cuticle scissors and some foam spacers, especially if your recipient is into pedicures as well. 

Some other things that will be nice additions to the collection are nail paint pens, gems or stickers, a book on how to create different nail art styles, some cuticle cream, and of course some nice-smelling hand cream. 

Finally, if your budget allows, include a gift certificate for a fancy nail salon, so your teen can get a professional mani and pedi. 

Depending on the container you choose, you may want to wrap the gift so that the different items can be seen. If so, colored cellophane is the way to go. Be sure that you use a zip baggie for the nail polish remover before wrapping, just in case it leaks.

Test the tops of the nail polishes as well.

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