Nanny Share Interview Questions

What questions should you ask a potential nanny in a nanny share arrangement?

nanny share

Interviewing the Nanny 

Some people choose to interview a potential nanny for a share as individual families while others thing find it more useful to interview together. For situations where both families are starting from scratch, it’s probably best for both families to interview the nanny together. 

Potential questions to ask on a nanny share interview: 

  • What is your past experience with caring for multiple children, the same age or different ages? 

  • How have you dealt with (or would deal with) napping issues? 

  • Are you comfortable hosting a play date with an additional child? 

  • Are you comfortable having more than one employer? (The nanny in a nanny share will have to be comfortable communicating with both sets of parents on basic things like how the day went, how the kids got along, whether lunch was eaten, etc.)

  • At what age of children do you feel comfortable taking two children to classes or other organized activities? 

  • How comfortable are you in taking two children on outings?. 

  • How have you handled socialization issues if the two children weren’t getting along?

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Tips for Making a Nanny Share Work

  • Good communication is the most important tip for a successful nanny share. Keep the communication with your share family flowing. 

  • Have realistic expectations and allow time to work out the kinks. 

  • Be respectful of both the other family and the nanny. Do drop-offs and pick-ups on time, don't criticize the other families choices in discipline or parenting style and be warm and welcoming to the other child. 

  • Do check-ins with your nanny to make sure she is happy and that everyone remains on the same page. 

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