National Depression Screening Day

Nationa Depression Screening Day
Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

During National Depression Screening Day, local clinicians in all 50 states volunteer their time to offer free educational and screening programs at health facilities, shopping malls, libraries, colleges, workplaces and senior centers. In addition to obtaining a free depression screening, participants can find out where and how to access help, counseling, and treatment. The program was started in 1991 by Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

(SMH), a non-profit organization.

When Is National Depression Screening Day?

National Depression Screening Day is an annual event held each October on the Thursday of Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Mental Illness Awareness Week is held during the first full week of the month.

What Should I Expect During a Screening?

Screenings are free and completely confidential. The screening is an opportunity to learn more about anxiety and mood disorders, complete a brief screening questionnaire, and speak one-on-one with a mental health professional. If appropriate, you may be referred for a complete evaluation.

As part of the screening, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a written screening questionnaire,
  • Discuss your results with a health professional,
  • Receive a referral list of clinicians and treatment facilities in your area,
  • Watch an educational video,
  • Pick up some pamphlets and brochures, and
  • Fill out a "friends and family questionnaire" for a loved one.

    For More Information

    Those interested in attending a free screening can locate a site in their area by going online.

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