How to Naturally Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

6 Ways to Boost a Low Milk Supply

6 Ways To Increase Your Supply of Breast Milk Naturally
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How to Naturally Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

If your supply of breast milk is low, it can usually be increased naturally by taking a few easy steps. Confirming your breastfeeding technique and breastfeeding more often are the two most important actions necessary to establish and maintain a healthy supply of breast milk. Before you look into alternative treatments, such as herbs or medication, try these 6 natural ways to make more breast milk.

#1. Evaluate Your Baby’s Latch

Make sure that your baby is latching on to your breast correctly.  Latching your baby on properly is the most efficient way to increase your supply. A poor latch is often the main reason a mother's supply of breast milk isn't as abundant as it can be. Without a proper latch, your baby cannot remove the milk from your breast well. However, when your baby is latched on correctly and draining the milk from your breast, it stimulates your body to produce more. If you are not sure how to determine if your baby is latching on correctly, talk to your doctor or contact a local lactation consultant.

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#2. Breastfeed, Breastfeed, Breastfeed

Nurse your baby very often. The best way to naturally increase your breast milk supply is to increase the demand. In the first few weeks after your baby is born, you should be breastfeeding every two to three hours around the clock.

If more than 3 ½ hours have passed since the start of the last feeding, you should wake your baby up to nurse. Even if you have an older child who has been breastfeeding well for a while, by increasing the number and length of breastfeeding sessions, you should be able to boost your breast milk supply naturally.

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#3. Use Breast Compression

Breast compression is a technique that is used to help drain the milk from your breast, improve your let-down response, and encourage a sleepy baby to keep sucking at the breast. These actions will help foster a natural increase in your milk supply.

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#4. Stimulate Your Breasts

Use a breast pump or a hand expression technique to continue to stimulate your breasts after you finish breastfeeding your baby. The extra stimulation will tell your body that you need more breast milk.

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#5. Use a Supplemental Nursing System

A supplemental nursing system can be used to encourage the baby to suck at your breasts even when there is no more breast milk. If your child gets frustrated because the flow of your milk has slowed down or stopped, he or she may refuse to keep sucking at the breast. By using a supplemental nursing system with previously expressed breast milk or even a formula supplement, you may be able to get your child to suck longer at the breast.

And, adding more stimulation at the breast is a natural way to increase the amount of breast milk that your body makes. 

#6. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

You may not realize it, but some of the things you might be doing every day can affect your breast milk supply. Things that can interfere your supply of breast milk include smoking, taking the combination birth control pill, stress, and fatigue.  You may be able to increase your supply of breast milk naturally by making a few changes to your daily routine. 

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