NatureBox Snack Subscription Service - Review

Healthy snacks delivered to my door? Sign me up.

NatureBox box and one treat

Like most busy families, ours goes through a lot of snacks. My kids pack them for school and for sports practices. I always keep something in my bag in case I feel famished while I’m carpooling or waiting for the kids at the ice rink. If we pack our own healthy snacks, we’re less likely to eat vending-machine items with little to no nutritional value. To keep our pantry full of good choices, I like the subscription service offered by NatureBox.

NatureBox Snack Subscription – Pros & Cons


  • Snacks contain no hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • Snacks have fewer than 200 calories per 30g serving
  • 100+ snack options to choose from (savory, sweet, fruity; gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.)
  • Snacks come in resealable bags
  • One meal donated through Feeding America® for every box delivered


  • Delivery is only once a month (but you can pay extra if you want your box sooner)
  • Snacks available for special diets, but foods are processed and packed in a facility that handles allergens, so cross-contamination is a risk

NatureBox Review

After reading several reviews of the NatureBox service, I had to try it for myself. I love snack foods and frequently prowl the natural-foods aisle of my grocery store looking for new, healthy items for myself and my family. With NatureBox, I get to choose five nutritious snacks and have them delivered to my door each month.

So far, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried.

Here’s how it works. I created an account and ordered a free trial sampler. After receiving (and devouring) the samples, I chose the five snacks I wanted in my next box. Each month, an email reminds me to stock my virtual pantry with selections from the NatureBox menu.

I can choose a few back-up items in case my first choices are unavailable (once or twice, I’ve received substitutions instead of the snacks I requested), and I can choose “surprise me” as one of my options. I haven’t done this yet because there are too many snacks I want to try right away.

Snack categories include fruit and nut bars; dried fruit and chews; chips and pretzels; nuts and seeds; granola; and popcorn. Or browse collections, such as “new this month,” “fan faves,” and “kiddie delights.” Of course, don’t expect neon colors or licensed characters among those kiddie delights. For me, this is a big part of the appeal, and my kids like the taste of the snacks as they are. You can see complete nutritional information as well as customer reviews for each snack on offer. While you’re browsing, you can filter your choices by taste, nutrition, or ingredients.

Each box costs $20, so $4 per snack; each snack bag contains 3-5 servings. This means these snacks are not for feeding your child’s whole baseball team. But for me, the value is in the variety, nutrition, and convenience of monthly delivery.