5 Things You Need When You Enroll Your Child in School

Make School Registration Simple by Having the Documents Needed

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Brig the right documents for school registration to get your school file started. Utamaru Kido via Getty Images

Whether you are enrolling your child in kindergarten or you have moved to a new area, you will need to make sure you have the right items with you when you register your child in school. Knowing what to bring with you beforehand will make it easier to complete the school registration process quickly effortlessly.  

1.  All Of The Right Documents 

 Every school needs to have certain documents to begin your child's school file.

 At minimum, you should bring with you

  • Your child's birth certificate, health record, or other vital statistic information.
  •  Immunization record, or the necessary documentation for refusing immunization in your state.
  •  If your child requires medication to be administered during the school day, or accommodations for a medically based difference, such as severe allergy or physical disability, bring documentation signed by your pediatrician. Signed documents from your pediatrician are needed by the school before they can administer prescription medications, or to proceed in making changes for a medically based difference.
  •  Proof of residence is required so that the school knows for certain that you are enrolling your child in the correct attendance area. Proof of Residence could be a copy of your rental or lease agreement, a mail item received at your address with your name on it, or an identification card with your address on it.
  • If you have relocated due to an emergency or because of financial hardship, these documents may not be needed. If your family meets Mckinney-Vento status, you will not be required to show documentation to enroll your child in school.

2.  School Records

This includes the file from your child's last school.

If you know your child will be going to a different school, ask for copies of your child's school records so you will have them available for the new school enrollment. Having records available during enrollment will make it easier for the new school to place your child with the most suitable teacher and courses.  

Some schools like to get preschool files when children enroll in kindergarten. The school may find assessments and other information in the preschool file useful for understanding your child's strengths and skill level. This is especially true if your child has any developmental delays or disabilities. 

If you do not have the previous school's records with you when you need to enroll, bring the address of the former school with you so that the new school can request the information.

3.  Copies of Evaluations or Medical Records 

If your child was evaluated and found to have a difference that shows unique educational needs, bring copies of these evaluations during enrollment. For example, if you had an evaluation done on your child at your own expense that shows that your child has above age level skills in a particular subject, or an evaluation that shows your child has ADHD, you should bring the evaluation with you during enrollment.

 This will allow the school to make the best placements.

4. Good Emergency Contacts 

If your child becomes ill and needs to go home from school and you are not available immediately by phone, you need to have someone who is already on file who can pick up your child. Although it may seem initially that you or the other parent would always be easy to reach, it is always a good idea to have one or two other trusted adults available.  

Be sure to review this contact information regularly to keep it updated. If you get a new cell phone number, change your mailing address, or begin a new job be sure that the school has the latest information.

If your emergency contacts information changes, be sure to update that as well.

5. Curiosity About Ways You Can Be Involved  

Your child will be spending a large amount of their time at the new school. This is a new community for both you and your child. Think of ways that you may be able to contribute to this community.  This will show your child how much you value education, provide needed support in the school, and give you the opportunity to meet and get to know other parents.  

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