Neti Pots for Treatment of Nasal Allergies

Neti Pots and Sinus Infections

Salt water rinses can help allergies and sinus problems..

Can a Neti Pot Help With Allergies and Sinus Problems?

Many people think so. A Neti Pot is a device used to rinse or irrigate the nasal passages, usually with a solution of saltwater. Saline irrigation of the nasal passages has been shown to be a beneficial therapy in the treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis and sinus infections. This non-pharmacologic therapy helps rid the nose of allergens and mucus.

This may reduce the need for antibiotics in those people prone to sinus infections.

Saline rinses help prevent the crusting of secretions in the nasal passages, which may otherwise block the sinuses from draining. If the sinus drainage sites become blocked, which could also occur with swelling from allergies or irritants, a sinus infection may develop. Saline rinses also reduce tissue swelling in the nasal passages, and improve the clearance of mucus.

Various Neti Pots are available commercially, including the Sinus Rinse brand, which contains pre-mixed salt packages. Alternatively, a nasal bulb syringe can be used with a homemade saltwater mixture.

Find out about a recipe for a saline solution that you can make at home for your Neti Pot.


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