New Lifestyles NL-2000i Accelerometer Pedometer Review

3-D Pocket Pedometer

NEW LIFESTYLES NL-2000i 3-D Piezoelectric Pedometer
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The NL-2000i is an advanced 3-D piezo-electric accelerometer. It is an old-school pedometer that doesn't connect to an app, but it is small, quiet and accurate. It is designed to be worn in a pocket or clipped to a belt loop. Set your daily total steps target and a daily active minutes target and see your progress on the display. It has a 7-day or 14-day memory, which you can select with the advanced set-up.

It uses a battery and doesn't need recharging every few days.

It doesn't have a waistband clip, just a safety leash. Because of its 3-D design, you don't have to wear it in a straight up-and-down configuration. You can just tuck it in and hope the safety leash is enough to keep it attached to you. I don't trust that, so I carried mine in a pocket.

Get on Target with the NL-2000i Pedometer

Setting up the NL-2000i is very easy. You enter the time, your weight, height, age, and gender. You don't have to enter your stride length; it estimates that for you. Then you set a target step goal you want to achieve each day, such as 10,000 steps. You also set a target of active minutes for each day. Active steps and active minutes depend on doing moderate-intensity activity for sufficient time. Slow strolling or walking for less than the required time will not record active steps or active time. The threshold for what counts as active steps can be adjusted in the advanced set-up mode if it seems too easy or too hard to achieve.

Your pedometer greets you in the morning with "Hello Go for GOAL!!" The numbers on the display are big enough for me to read without reading glasses for my aging eyes.

The real-time display shows your current total for steps, active steps, active minutes, distance, active calories burned, total calories burned, and time of day.

Across the bottom of the display, you can see a timeline of how you achieved your steps in the past hour. There is a red line indicating the level of moderately intense activity. A bar with zero to one dot indicates no activity or light activity, with a bar of two to four dots indicating moderate to vigorous activity. You can use the Memory key to scroll back through the day and see where you chalked up light, moderate, or no activity.

When you reach your goals during the day, the NL-2000i displays "GOAL Good Job!"

Review Past Days and 14-Day Average

There is no dangerous reset button for you to accidentally push and erase your hard-earned steps. The pedometer resets itself at midnight each day and stores your data from the day before. However, neither is there a way to record the steps for a specific workout. You only get total daily steps and total active steps without a way to record a specific workout.

In the memory mode, you can review all of the stats for each of the past seven days. This includes a bar graph of your activity within that 24 hours. You also can see the 14-day average for each of the stats (steps, active steps, active minutes, active calories, distance, etc.)

The total daily calories burned is a very useful number to know if you are watching your weight.

It is handy to have the pedometer display this number rather than just your exercise calories. I like knowing that yesterday I burned 2033 total calories, rather than overestimating how many calories you burned in a day.

Negatives of the NL-2000i Pedometer

I miss having a belt clip rather than just the safety leash. If I don't have a pocket, that means it kind of dangles unless tucked into my pants. The problem with tucking it in during a workout is that it can get steamy -- and moisture can cause a malfunction.

It lacks a function to record specific workouts, so if you wanted to use it to count steps and estimate distance for a specific walk, it won't.

You'd have to record the steps already recorded at your starting and ending times and do the math yourself.

It doesn't have a stopwatch or timer.

The cost is as much as the Fitbit Zip and other activity monitors that connect to an app or your computer, but it doesn't have that functionality.

Bottom Line on the NL-2000i Pedometer

It's small, it's silent, and it is very easy to use. You don't have to worry about accidentally resetting it.

I like the goal-setting and tracking features, which are very advanced compared to most old-school, non-connected pedometers. The active steps and active minutes goals help keep you on track to getting the recommended amount of moderate-to-intense exercise we need to reduce health risks.

I like the calorie tracking features, especially the total calories per day. That can be very helpful in keeping yourself from over-rewarding yourself for activity (with food).

I would happily recommend this pedometer to my friends who don't want an app-linked pedometer and want a good quality old-school pedometer.

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