6 New Twists on Traditional Cardio Equipment Workouts

Breathing New Life Into Your Cardio Workout

Despite my complaints about the boring nature of treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes, I grudgingly admit that traditional cardio equipment has its place. For instance, sometimes the weather won't permit an outdoor workout, while high intensity interval training, group fitness classes and plyometric workouts aren't suitable (or appealing) for everyone. And frankly, sometimes it's just easier to hop on a piece of equipment and go, biding your time while watching a TV show. It may not be as fun as a day at an obstacle course gym, but it can be effective.

That said, even standard cardio workouts could use a shake up every now and then. Whether it's a piece of equipment that offers an unusual new feature or a new workout designed around a traditional piece of equipment, check out a few of the ways traditional cardio workouts are becoming more exciting.

The Zero Runner: A Whole New Breed of Running Machine

Zero Runner

If you're an avid runner, particularly if you're a runner who trains for half marathons, marathons or ultra marathons, you know all that pavement pounding (or treadmill pounding) can do a number on your joints. The Octane Zero Runner is the first running machine that enables a complete running motion without the impact of a treadmill platform. And no, this isn't just another elliptical - it's unique "joint" structure enables you to maintain a completely natural running stride.

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The Incline Strider: Ramping Up the Gym Experience

Incline Strider

The Incline Strider is a motorless treadmill designed with athletes in mind. It has a magnetic fly wheel (much like a group cycling bike) that enables you to increase or decrease resistance with a quick turn of the hand, all while you power the treadmill belt with your own two legs.

The treadmill is also portable (it can be taken outside!) and you can opt for a version with a specially-designed turf belt perfect for athletes who train and compete on turf surfaces.

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6 Reasons to Try an AMT Team Fit Class

AMT Team Fit Class

If you're a member of a gym, you might be familiar with Precor's AMT Trainers - tall pieces of running equipment that definitely aren't treadmills, but aren't quite ellipticals, either. While the AMT is one of my personal favorite pieces of equipment, it's an unusual-looking machine, and its appearance alone can prevent gym-goers from giving it a try.

Enter: AMT Team Fit classes. This new group exercise class is led by a personal trainer, and is held completely on the cardio room floor. The class includes a breadth of training techniques including interval training, strength and balance exercises. The goal is to help participants get the most out of their workout while helping them become comfortable using the AMT.

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4 Pieces of Outdoor Cardio Equipment Worth Trying

ElliptiGO. ElliptiGO

You don't have to settle for an indoor workout when it comes to cardio equipment... and you don't have to settle for an everyday bike, either. Go ahead and rack your two-wheeler and check out these other pieces of outdoor cardio equipment the next time you want to go for a ride.

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CrossRope Weighted Jump Rope: Revolutionizing the Jumping Workout

Laura Williams

I don't always like to jump rope, but when I do, it's with a CrossRope. As the least expensive piece of cardio equipment on this list, I can't say enough good things about how CrossRope has revolutionized jump rope workouts. With interchangeable weighted ropes, you can keep your workout interesting (i.e., not boring) while challenging your strength, coordination, agility and power.

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Peloton Cycling: The Only Group Cycling Class You Can Take at Home

peloton bike

If you're a diehard group cycling fan, but you find it hard to hit the studio, the Peloton bike may be exactly what you've been waiting for. While the bike itself doesn't break many boundaries, its technology does. You can use the Peloton cycle to log into live or on-demand cycling classes while enjoying the workout from your own home.

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