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New Year Baby
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Well maybe you didn't get that tax break by having your baby before December 31st, but having the first baby of the new year has its own fun. Here are some New Year inspired baby names.

Girl Baby Names

Many of the baby names around a New Year will center on a new beginning. One example of that is of a new day, so you see names like Dawn being used to evoke that symbolism. From there you also have names that mean new day in various languages.

As a new year is a period of renewal and rebirth, many words also try to play upon that as well.

  • Alberta - This name means bright in English.
  • Amaryllis - Sparkling is the meaning of this Greek name.
  • Audrey - Diminutive for a word in Anglo-Saxon that means noble strength. (Auld Lang Sine)
  • Aurora - means Dawn in Latin.
  • Candace - sparkling in Greek.
  • Champagne - French for the alcoholic beverage.
  • Claire, Clara - Bright or pure in French/Romanian.
  • Dawn - sunrise, English.
  • Della - This German name means bright.
  • Elayna - French for bright.
  • Garnet - after the birthstone for January.
  • Helen - Greek for light.
  • January - after the month, English.
  • Lucy - Illumination in English.
  • Nora / Norah - Light in Hebrew.
  • Nova - from the Latin for new.
  • Novella - new in French.
  • Nyssa - Greek for goal.
  • Raanana - Israeli for fresh or new.
  • Renee - French for reborn.
  • Robin - Bright or shining, Scottish. (Feminine form of Robert)
  • Usha - Hindi for dawn.
  • Zora - Serbo-Croatian for Dawn.

Boy Baby Names

There are fewer names for the boys that fall into the same category. I wonder if that is because dawn and day are more naturesque terms which feel more feminine. (Think Mother Nature.) That doesn't mean that we can't find something for the boys! Here are some new and bright names for your New Year's baby boy.

  • Adelbert - Bright in Hungarian.
  • Akeno - Japanese for in the morning.
  • Albert - This English name means bright.
  • Altan - Dawn in Turkish.
  • Bahir - Sparkling from Arabic.
  • Chaim - Hebrew for life.
  • Cork - Irish for marsh, think of the Champagne cork.
  • Fai - Chinese for beginning.
  • Merrill - Shining sea in English.
  • Morgan - FIghter of the sea in Irish.
  • Newman - Old English for newcomer.
  • Newlyn - for new year.
  • Newcomb - Old English for new valley.
  • Raanan - Fresh or new (Israeli).
  • Renae / Renee - French for reborn.
  • Riordain - Bright in Irish.
  • Robert - Bright or shining in Scottish.
  • Walid - Arabic, meaning newborn.
  • Zoltan - Hungarian for life.

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