New Years Resolutions With Food Allergies In Mind

January cork board with a paper tacked to it that says New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! As this New Year is on its way, it is a time to make pledges for a happier, healthier and more successful time ahead. What better time than now to plan on making living with food allergies even easier. Take time to reflect on the past year and think about how some simple steps can make this next year even better.

Why not try on some of these New Year’s resolutions?

Join A Community

It is always great to communicate and learn from those who share a common concern or interest.

There are so many local and on-line opportunities to join food allergy related groups. This is a great way to talk with other people who might have similar needs for recipes, food ideas, travel tips, meal suggestions and so much more. Having food allergies sometimes makes you feel like you are alone, but by joining a support group or forum, you will never feel alone.

Cook It Up

Why not add cooking to your new list of things to try. Perhaps you can take a cooking class, ask a family or friend to share recipes, or even do some on-line research. Take time to experiment in the kitchen, creating new and exciting recipes that meet your own food allergy and nutritional needs. Who knows, maybe you will amaze yourself with your new and improved cooking or baking skills!


Take this as an opportunity to reorganize your pantry or shelves to easily find the allergen free foods you need. This way even when you are in a rush, you will be able to find your “go-to” foods.

Take a notebook and fill it with the labels on foods you have bought and loved. Quite often we buy new foods we really enjoy and mistakenly throw away the label. Then we are not sure which specialty item to buy the next time around. By placing the labels in a notebook, we can save valuable time and make shopping much easier.

Speak Up

Start this year with a bigger voice! Make a commitment to speak up for yourself to ensure that your school/office has allergen free foods that you can eat. Many schools and companies have committees that make the decisions on many food related activities and you may be just the right person for the job. Being an active part of this committee can not only help you but assist others who are not as outspoken. Ask your favorite local restauranteurs to make a commitment to serving more foods you can eat. You would be surprised how with the right guidance they will be happy to stock up on things like gluten-free breads, offer allergen free modified recipes, or even post signs about what food allergies they can manage.

Healthy Start

Be sure to make an appointment for your yearly check-up, and be sure it includes a blood work up. It is important to take a look at your nutritional needs, as with food allergies we are often devoid of many nutrients. Additionally, some people outgrow food allergies so the results of a new allergy panel can be a game changer.

Closing Thoughts

With your food allergy resolutions all in place, get ready to ring in the New Year with good health and happiness in mind!

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