Newborn Hospital Hat with a Simple Bow

Newborn Hospital Hat with a Simple Bow

Newborn Hat Tutorial
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If you are someone who appreciates a prettier hospital hat for your baby girl. this simple newborn hat can be made quickly. You can do it before your daughter is born, or after. You can also buy some on places like Etsy, but this is something that comes in handy if you don't know if you're expecting a baby girl or boy, or if you get a pink surprise at the time of birth. Ready?

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Supplies You'll Need to Make a Bow Newborn Hat

Supplies for a hospital hat with bow
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You can gather these before you have a baby, but it is often easier to come by thee basic cotton hats at the hospital. You will need to have two hats. These are the ubiquitous pink and blue striped newborn hats. You can also do this with solid color hats. The size of the hat does not matter. You can adjust this to the size of your baby's head.

  • Two near identical baby hats
  • Scissors
  • Rules (optional)

 You can usually borrow scissors from a hospital if needed.

Sizing Up the Newborn Hats

Sizing up the newborn hats
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You will want to put the hat on your baby to get an idea of where the cuff of the hat sits. You will want to remember this because you will need to make the cuts above this line. Once you know where that is on your baby, you will unroll the cuff on both of the hats. Sit one aside.

If your baby is premature, you will follow the same instructions, just with a smaller hat. If your baby is not born yet, you will have to make a guess. Higher is better than lower, if you're not sure which way to go.

Cutting the Slits for the Newborn Hats

Cutting the Slits on the newborn hat
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Cutting can be done very easily with most fabrics, so having fabrics scissors is not needed. Be careful to not go through both layers of the hat. This slit will go about an inch above the marked area you measured off earlier, slightly to what will be the center of the bow.

Cutting the Second Slit in the Newborn Hat

Cut the second slit on the newborn hat.
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The second slit will mirror the first one. When you make this cut, make it to just off where you want the center of the bow to be on the hat. Once both are cut, open the slit with your finger to prepare it.

Finished Newborn Hat with Bow

Finished Baby Hat with Bow
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Take the second hat, flip the cuff inside the hat, so that the edge is smooth. Gently gather it and insert it sideways into the slit. Once it is centered, fluff the bow portion. It is supposed to be tighter in the center, so don't worry that you cut the hole too small. Even if you did cut the hole too small, please feel free to open it up a bit. Be sure to use the scissors, this fabric is very flimsy and will rip fairly easily.

If you want a smaller bow, you can cut the second hat to do that. Simply cut off the bottom cuff of the hat, and then cut off the top of the hat to the desired size. This will also leave a rougher edge, which may or may not be to your preference.

Now, don't forget to pack the hat in your labor bag. Though immediately after the birth, I would recommend simply using the hat supplied by the hospital. This is usually placed on your baby quickly, before your baby os wiped off or bathed. This means it is likely to get blood and other body fluids on it. So, if you want to keep the hat clean, wait a bit.

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