Early Pregnancy Gift Guide

Gifts for the New Mom-to-be

Being newly pregnant is exciting! You want to celebrate, enjoy your pregnancy and do something pregnancy related. But other than announcing your pregnancy and perhaps some morning sickness, there isn't a lot of pregnancy related stuff going on outwardly.

It is not typical to give gifts for early pregnancy, but I see a trend starting, particularly as gifts are exchanged in early pregnancy from your family members or really close friends. It is a simple, but nice way to say: "We are excited to share the next nine months with you!" Sometimes the gifts are also an attempt to help you prepare for your pregnancy or to cope with early pregnancy symptoms. Some people actually use pregnancy gifts as a way to announce their pregnancy, though, obviously, this is more for the mother-to-be to gift to someone else, say her partner or to the new grandparents-to-be.

Belly Banter

Belly Banter
Photo © Belly Banter
These are really cool and help a mom-to-be capture her pregnancy all nine months. These are made to be used for any type of clothing or paper. Just peel, stick and photo! Buy from Amazon »


Photo © Ingrid & Isabel

The BellaBand is great for early pregnancy because there are so many reasons that you might use it, the most common one being that in between time when your pants don't quit fit but maternity clothes don't fit well either. It also provides some support for your belly. You can hide it under your clothes or let it peak out as a layered look. Buy from Amazon »

Psi Bands

Psi Bands for Morning Sickness
Photo © Price Grabber

These bands are designed to provide relief for morning sickness. You strap them on and they look cute, all while providing acupressure to a certain spot to help you avoid morning sickness. You can learn more about this and other morning sickness relief products. Buy from Amazon »

Pregnancy Journal & Planner

Pregnancy Journal and Planner
Photo © Price Grabber

This is a great tool to help you remember all of the things that are going on. The handy book format is very reminiscent of a baby book, but for pregnancy. Record your prenatal appointments, baby showers, belly photos, baby names and more. You can also see other options for styles and layouts. Buy from Amazon »

Body Butter

Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter
Photo © PriceGrabber
Earth Mama Angel Baby makes this luxurious body butter. The smells are delicious and the feeling is amazing. The Body Butter is like no other! It is 100% Certified Organic. Buy from Amazon »

Due Date Necklace

Due Date Necklace
Photo © Amazon.com

These due date necklaces are great - there is one for each month. You can wear it with pride. I know a lot of moms love this type of jewelry, particularly early on before they are really showing, to let people know the good news, before maternity clothes.  Buy from Amazon »

Pregnancy Books

Your Best Birth - Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. Photo (c) Price Grabber
There are a lot of pregnancy books on the market. I've narrowed the list down for you quite a bit. There are books covering a wide variety of topics here that can be great for nearly any pregnant woman. More »

Preggie Pop Drops

Preggie Pop Drops
Photo © Amazon.com

These are candies that come in a variety of flavors. They are designed to help combat morning sickness and dry mouth, two of early pregnancies most common symptoms. There are nice ways to get some relief, minus the sucker stick. Buy from Amazon »

Pregnancy Books for Dad

Partner Hold Mom's Abdomen
Photo © The Image Bank/Getty Images

Hey! Here's a list of fun books and things for new dads-to-be. You can find these books are geared towards the father of the baby. This is a great way to say, "Here's to you, dad!" A nice way to encourage dad to get involved with the pregnancy, which is decidedly harder since the baby isn't growing in his body. More »

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