Night Walking Strategies - Lights

Nathan Zephyr Fire Runner's Flashlight
Nathan Zephyr Fire Runner's Flashlight. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Wearing reflective clothing is only the first step, you also should carry a flashlight or wear a flashing light to make yourself even more visible to traffic.

Being Seen

Carrying a flashlight in your hand closest to traffic provides another chance for cars to see you. Or, you may attach small clip-on lights and flashers to your pack or belt. You can find these in the bicycle section of a sporting goods store.

Seeing the Path


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A flashlight (torch) or headlamp is also essential for walking safely to see hazards in your path where there are no streetlamps. If you must carry a handheld flashlight (torch) find one that is lightweight but still powerful. I like the LED models because the batteries last longer and the bulbs are almost unbreakable.

The Nathan Zephyr Fire Runner's Flashlight is ideal. It has a hand strap so you don't have to grip it or worry about dropping it, the angle of the beam is perfect for lighting your path, it has a rear red blinking safety light, it recharges via USB and has an emergency siren.


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A headlamp keeps your hands free and doesn't crimp your arm swing. Try on headlamps for comfort - get one with adjustable straps so you get a good fit. Again, I prefer the LED models because they weigh less and the batteries last for more hours.

You can find a variety of flashlights (torches) and headlamps at outdoors and hunting stores.

Lighted Hats

Hats with LED lights in the cap or bill are a great solution for walking at night.
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Follow the Light

You may wish to modify your path if you have a choice of routes.

Choose those with the best street lighting and best sidewalks or paths that are separated from traffic.

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