Fun Things to Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy

Here are some fun ideas for what to put in your child's Easter Basket

Wind-up toys are great items to put in a kids' Easter basket.
Small, kid-favorite toys such as wind-up toys make a perfect addition to a child's Easter basket. iStockphoto

Looking for ideas for things you can put in your child's Easter basket besides candy and chocolates?

One of the best things about grade-school age kids is how excited they can get over something small, such as a Lego set or a set of jacks. That's great for parents because it means we don't need to spend a lot of money putting together an Easter basket they'll love! Here are some ideas for fun toys and small items to put in a kids' Easter basket.

  1. A wind-up toy that walks, dances, flips, or shakes
  2. A Mad Lib book
  3. Easter coloring pages
  4. An Easter story
  5. A small Lego set
  6. An iTunes gift card
  7. A set of jacks
  8. A deck of playing cards
  9. A brain-challenging game such as Lonpos puzzles for older grade-schoolers
  10. A colorful spinning top
  11. A Rainbow Loom bracelet making kit
  12. Crayons, colorful paper, washi tape--any fun items that are great for a kids' crafts box
  13. Fun lip balm (such as EOS Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, which comes in a variety of scents in pretty round and colorful orbs)
  14. Cheap sunglasses in colorful frames
  15. A sticker book (Star Wars, Frozen, Minecraft--whatever your kid is obsessed with!)
  16. Bounce balls (for playing handball, bouncing against the wall)
  17. Hacky sack footbags
  18. Beautiful Korean money pouches filled with coins and small bills
  19. A colorful pencil case filled with brand new pencils, pens, and erasers (because it's always a good idea to inspire the inner writer or artist in your child)
  1. Glow sticks or LED party finger lights

More Ideas for Easter Fun for Kids:

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