Step Outside the Toy Box: Gifts for Kids

Top Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

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Toys are fun, of course they are! But they aren't the only thing. From superhero capes to personalized backpacks, there are a ton of wonderful items out there that wouldn't necessarily be classified as a plaything but are still great for little kids nonetheless. When you are out shopping for that special preschooler in your life, whether it is for a birthday or Christmas or just because, consider some of these non-toy gift offerings.

Teach Her a Foreign Language

Little Pim Foreign Language Set
Little Pim Spanish Deluxe Gift Set. Little Pim

Little Pim (compare prices) DVDs help children learn by simply watching and repeating after Little Pim, the lovable panda and series teacher while seeing real children play and interact. Children can learn 60 words and phrases per 35 minute DVD and over 360 words and phrases for all 6 DVDs. Flash cards, books, and music CDs are also available to reinforce the vocabulary taught. Little Pim is available in 10 languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, English/ESL, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew, sold individually or packaged in backpacks and gift sets.

Fashion for Feet

bobbi-toads shoes for girls

Got a girl who loves painting her toes? Let her show off her pretty feet with Bobbi-Toads, a line of six shoes with "toes" that can be painted with nail polish. Available in a variety of colors as well as Velcro and lace-up designs in sizes little girls’ 11-13 to big girls’ 1-6, the shoes are available online at the Bobbi-Toads website.

While kids can use non-toxic Bobbi polish (available in ten shades), the shoes can also be painted with regular nail polish. Either comes off easily with nail polish remover (no staining!), making it simple for little ones to change their style as often as they like.

“These are fun shoes that make feet fashionable for little girls,” explains Jacki Stanley, co-owner of Bobbi-Toads. “We wanted to give girls the ability to express themselves, make a unique fashion statement and, most of all, have fun.”

Let Him Be a Superhero

Little Capers superhero capes for kids
Little Capers superhero capes for kids. Little Capers

If you've got a preschooler with an active imagination, Little Capers is a company you should check out. They sell the cutest supplies for your budding superhero – capes and uniforms great for boys and girls. Particularly fun are the Bolt Boy shirts complete with detachable cape and Peggi tank dress, also with a cape. Bright, bold colors and cartoony-like adornments will have your little one zooming around the house and saving the day.

Make Getting Dressed Fun

vs Socks. Hooray Hoopla

Getting dressed every morning is a task that isn't always fun for little ones who are always on the go! But the struggle to get kids to sit still long enough to put on their socks may be over, thanks to vs socks, sets of socks that pair rivals (for example T-Rex vs. Triceratops, Lion vs.Tiger and Shark vs. Penguin) and put them on your little one's feet! There are sets for boys and girls, and while the socks are adorable, check out the cute mittens and booties too!

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Get Them Squeaky Clean

Kiss My Face Kids Collection
Kiss My Face Kids Collection. Kiss My Face Kids

Soap doesn't seem like a natural gift for a little kid, but the Kiss My Face Kids Collection will actually make your preschooler happy about taking a bath. The line features all-natural products including self-foaming hand wash, toothpaste, toothpaste with fluoride, 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner, bubble wash, self-foaming shampoo and body wash, lip balms and soap. Each product is adorned with an endangered species. A visit to the Kiss My Face website will teach little ones more about them while letting them download coloring pages and play games. Scents include Orange U Smart, Berry Smart, and Scentless.

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Give the Gift of Reading

Magazines for Kids -- Subscriptions to Magazines for Kids

My kids always love getting mail. Every day they come home from school and ask if they've gotten any letters. Nine times out of ten I have to tell them no, but one or two times a month, miracle of miracles, there is something there. Their absolute favorite is when they get the latest copy of the two or three magazines we have subscribed to for them. They'll immediately stop whatever it is they are doing and sit and read for an hour. Wow. It doesn't get better than that! There are a ton of great magazines for preschoolers to check out. And if you aren't sure, stop by your local library and see what titles they have on hand that appeal to you and your little one. Happy reading!

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