Tried and True Fitness Training Tips and Methods

The tried and true ways to get, and stay, fit

Decline Push Up
Decline Push Up. photo (c) Patrik Giardino / Getty Images

Exercise fads some and go, but one thing that all successful workout routines have in common is a basis in some of the some key principles that the old school fitness training methods used. As much as we all want to find it, there really is no magic bullet, quick fix, short-cut or trendy new device that will make you drop the fat and build strength and endurance overnight. All of the new methods of building fitness generally rely on the same tried and true methods that have works for ages.

Of course, our understanding of exercise science is changing some of the particulars, especially at the elite levels of fitness, but for the majority of us, basic training and a sound diet will carry us pretty far all by themselves. 

Sure, the latest stream of new gadgets, trackers, devices, games, programs and equipment that makes headlines every year can make exercise a bit more fun and break you out of a fitness rut, but when you look beyond the gimmicks, devices and glitzy trackers and logging gadgets and you will see the same sports training fundamentals at work over and over again. Seeing fitness results still will require that you lace up your shoes, put in the effort and stick with it for more than a week.  

So if you'd rather skip the latest trends, fads and fitness gimmicks, here are some of the most important fundamentals that will get you back to basics and use exercise training methods that have worked for decades.

Get Fit The Old School Way

  • Eat Well - Diet advice is often more confusing than exercise advice, and every year we will see a new "ideal diet," super food, nutrient or food combination that is making headlines. It can be tough to keep up and harder to follow all the complicated recommendations. Yes, proper nutrition is a big part of fitness, but what exactly is "proper" nutrition. To simplify the chaos, consider eating more real food, limit processed food, and eat a variety of colorful produce. Check out more sports nutrition advice.
  • Use Effective Training Strategies - If you want to get right to it, there are some training methods that will give you the most bang for your exercise buck. There are some effective tips for those who way to see real results rather than spend hours training.
  • Understand the Exercise Basics - Almost any training technique you follow can be more effective if you understand the basic building blocks of fitness. Use this as your foundation, and you will always have a simple routine to fall back on and carry you through the ups and downs of life.
  • Follow the "Principles of Conditioning - These principles are based on the science of exercise and if you know what they are, you can tell a great workout routine from a fake workout routine a mile away. Don't get sucked into the next fad by becoming an educated fitness enthusiast.
  • Add High Intensity Efforts - If you have a good level of basic conditioning, you owe it to yourself, and your body, to add one or maybe two very tough, short interval sessions into your  workouts each week. You will shake up a static routine, boost the intensity and see the change in your stamina and strength fairly quickly.
  • Develop a Strong Core  - The best abs exercises aren't for the abs, but are for the entire core—head to toe and front to back.  Find a better way to develop a strong core and you can maintain stability and avoid many of the common injuries people wind up with due to sitting long hours, and developing muscle imbalances.
  • Use Products That Work - If you are going to use exercise products, devices or equipment, spend your money on the ones that add value to your workout rather than waster your time. There are a few great products that provide real fitness  benefits if you use them right.

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