Ten One-Syllable Names for Baby Boys

Some old, some new, but all great choices for your baby boy.

Baby boy
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The tradition of choosing one-syllable names for babies has a variety of explanations behind it. Some prefer short  names for their babies to avoid nicknames, others because they pair better with long surnames.

Single-syllable names are actually a lot more popular for boys than for girls. We put together a list of popular and classic one-syllable boys' names to consider for your baby boy. 


This classic name actually clocked in at No.

9 on the most recent list of most popular boys' names. James has quite a legacy, with several American presidents, two of Jesus' Apostles and numerous kings of England and Scotland bearing the name. 


The most common boys' name in Western countries for centuries, John slipped slightly in the late 20th and early 21st century, but has enjoyed a revival of late. He hit No. 26 on the most popular names of 2014, and continues to be popular both as a first name and a middle name. 


This Biblical name with roots in Latin has also seen a rise in popularity among Millennial parents, and has some celebrity cred as well, especially in country music. It was a favorite name of fictional cowboys from TV and movies. It's also likely that a lot of parents were inspired to choose the name based on the hero of the Star Wars films, Luke Skywalker.


Once little more than a nickname for Jason, Jace has taken on a life of its own, ranking among the top 100 since about 2012.



Apparently extremely popular in Canada, Chase has had a slow but steady presence as a moderately popular American name. It's been put to use on numerous television shows, especially for those of the soap opera variety. 


The name of the hero of one of the most popular children's books of all time, Where The Wild Things Are, Max has appeal on sentimental grounds.

He's hovered at or just outside the top 100 most popular boys' names, and since Max means "greatest," it's no wonder why parents might like it for their little boy.


At one time used for both boys and girls, Kyle has its roots as a Gaelic place name, which that connotes strength.


He hit his peak in the 1980s, but Sean, a fine old Irish name and a variant of John, has never fallen totally out of favor with parents. He paved the way for other Irish names like Aidan and Connor.


Used commonly as a nickname for Jacob, Jake has enjoyed mild popularity as a separate name, and has been the name of celebrities and movie heroes.


For some reason, this old Hebrew name has been popular among American comedic actors of the 2000s, so the name may yet enjoy another resurgence among Millennial parents.

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