Online Baby Showers

Celebrating a Baby From a Distance

Baby Shower
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Having a baby shower has often meant that the people whom you live closest to arrive with presents and well wishes in hand. As families have begun to move farther and farther away from each other, the tradition of the shower has begun to evolve. Here is a look at some ideas for an online baby shower!


No, it can't quite be at grandma's house, but it could be at grandma's house on the net and Aunt Sally's and Cousin Linda's.

You can even make it global. Your college roommate who moved to China can join you, your newest forum buddy joins in from Canada, and your mom and sister in Iowa join you. However, you're sitting in Texas!

Using a free web page or one of the invitation centers you can set up a "home" for the shower. You can also rent chat rooms or find ones to use for free.


Invitations to a shower are half the fun! They set the theme and are usually very personal decisions. While paper invitations are often still used, there are services popping up on the Internet that will, for free or a fee, send invitations to your list of invitees.

Some of them allow very little personalization, while others allow you to create your invitation from scratch. Many have unique features built-in like a collection of RSVPs, allowing a user to know if it's been viewed or not. Some even allow the ability to collect money for an event.


Games can still be done! You can have written games and have the hostess time everyone to do them, while they work independently. You can have everyone submit photos of themselves as babies and try to match them with current photos. Some people get really creative and write interactive games and quizzes.

The best part? No one can make you eat baby food!


Thanks to e-commerce, the baby shower is much more simple when it comes to gifts. Now there are baby registries galore, where one can simply purchase the gift and it's automatically shipped to the mom. Gift certificates also work. And then there is the old-fashioned, but useful, sending gifts to mom via UPS or postal service that you hand-picked.

What becomes much more interesting in the online shower is how the gifts are displayed. The online shower I hosted, I went through and had everyone mail me the gifts. I took photos of the gifts unwrapped, then wrapped them and took photos again. I set a gift table up, took photos of that as well. Then shipped all the gifts, numbered, to the shower recipient. During the online shower, as she really unwrapped the gift, the online guests were able to see the wrapped gift and click to "unwrap" the gift with the mom. Still plenty of oohing and ahhing in that chat!

You can also simply have links set up to the stores where items were purchased, which is a bit more simplified. There is also the more difficult side of using actual video feed (for those who are capable) or putting up digital images quickly while the shower is taking place.

In the end, the baby shower morphs into the 21st century, but the meaning is still the same to celebrate mom and baby!

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