Parenting Quizzes for Parents of Teens

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If you are a parent of a teen, these quizzes will give you some insight into your parenting skills. Parenting quizzes will help parents learn a tip or two about parenting your preteen, teenager or young adult child by taking one of our fun and informative parenting quizzes. Each quiz has article and resources for more helpful information.

Parenting Quizzes for Parents of Teens

Quiz: Are you raising a healthy teen?

Teen wellness is all the rage. As a parent of a teen, you can learn how to implement a healthier lifestyle for your teen with our quiz.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen a Spoiled Brat? A simple True or False ten question quiz for parents of teenagers.

How Well Do You Communicate with Your Teen?

Take our quiz and check out our five day parenting course on talking to teens effectively.

Parenting Style Quiz

Which of these parenting styles are you? Active, Perfectionist, Indulgent or Slacker? Find out by taking our parenting style quiz.

How Well Do You Really Know Your Teen?

Take our quiz and see just how well you really know your teen. Jot down some of the questions you aren’t sure of and put them in your next conversation.

Quiz: Are you raising a mean girl?

Mean girls, from the girl who is bullying everyone to the popular crowd of girls who can be just plain mean, is your daughter heading down this path?

Screening Quiz: Is Your Teen Smoking?

If you think your teen might be smoking, check our screening quiz to find out for sure.

College Scholarships - Could You Be Scammed?

If your looking for financial help for your teen's college expenses, be sure to take this quiz first!

Quiz: Is Your Teen Ready for High School?

The leap between Junior High School/Middle School to High School is a big one. Take this simple 20 question quiz and see how prepared your teenager is and what to look for to help your teen become ready.

Teen Dating Quiz - Are they friends or are they dating?

Your teen has a special friend of the opposite sex and you’re wondering if they are dating, or if it is ‘just friends’. Many parents have faced this dilemma with their teenagers and dating. Often the teenagers in the friendship don’t even know themselves. Well, here is a quick ten question quiz that can help you sort it out.

Quiz: Is your teenager stressed out?

Is your teen controling his/her everyday stress or is he/she getting burned out?

Quiz: Is Your Teenager Using Drugs?

This teen drug use screening quiz was developed using the warning signs of teenage drug use.

Quiz: Is Your Teen Ready for College?

Take this 15 question quiz and find out if your teenager is ready to attend a college away from home.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Child a Bully?

Research shows that bullying can be a sign of other serious antisocial and/or violent behavior. Children who frequently bully their peers are more likely than others to get into serious trouble. Check out the possiblity that your child is a bully.


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