Outdoor Games

Warm Weather Fun for the Whole Family

When the weather gets warm, it's time to get the kids outside to enjoy the fresh air and to get some exercise. If the kids need a little encouragement, get them involved in some fun games. Some are new and some are old classics, but all the games here are fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family!


Boochie Ball
Boochie Ball. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Are you familiar with bocce ball? If so, you'll have the general idea for this game, which is based on bocce ball. The game comes with 4 toss rings, 4 bean balls, 4 wrist trackers, a 12-sided Boochie Ball, and a vinyl travel bag. Players toss their bean ball and toss ring toward the Boochie Ball. The goal is to get these two items closer to the Boochie Ball than the other players. A player whose ring goes encircles the Boochie Ball gets an instant win. But there's more. The wrist trackers have additional rules that players have to follow, such as "stand on one foot," "close your eyes," "make sound effects." The player has to toss the ring and the ball following that extra rule.
For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up More »


Djubi. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Djubi provides a unique twist on the game of catch. It's made up of two rackets and two balls. That sounds like it might a kind of tennis game, but it's not. The rackets have hooks and the balls have rubber bands running through them. Players hook the ball onto the racket, pull back and then let go -- something like a sling shot. But it's not just a sling shot. The rackets also have nets attached to them. The other person has to catch the ball in the net. That's not always easy since the balls can sail through the air more than 100 feet! Running to catch that ball is sure to give the kids some exercise. You might want a couple sets of Djubi so more than two can play.  For ages 8 and up More »

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set

Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Sustainable Earth Lab
Blongo Ball. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
Sustainability. Have you heard that term before? It's a term being used more and more. When we talk about the sustainability of the planet, we are referring the ways to ensure that the resources and systems of the Earth are not depleted. These was include renewable energy, energy conservation, waste management and more. This kit contains instructions for completing hands-on experiments that will help children understand these concepts. Kids can learn about the greenhouse effect and explore wind power, water power, and solar power. More »

Diggin Squap

Diggin Squap
Diggin Squap. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
"Squap" is the perfect name for this game since it reflects so well what this game is. Players put the Squap mitt on their hand, place a Squap ball in the mitt, close the mitt, and then open their hand as fast as they can. That action sends the ball sailing through the air to be caught by another player with his Squap mitt. Squap! But the player has to close the mitt to catch the ball. The game comes with two Squap mitts and four balls. While it's fun to play with another person, it can also be played by one person, who directs the ball toward and wall where it will then bounce back. For ages 6 and up More »

Franklin Sports Advanced Badminton/Volleyball Set

Franklin Sports Advanced Badminton/Volleyball Set
Franklin Sports Advanced Badminton/Volleyball Set. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com
What's a fun and easy way to learn about the Earth's ecology? By playing a game! In Beautiful Place, the Earth has been harmed and it's up to the players to make it beautiful again. As players work together to turn the planet back into a beautiful place, they learn about important environmental concepts. The game comes with a game board, pollution clouds, an ugly puzzle, good ecology deed tokens, movers, and a die. For ages 4 to 7 More »

Croquet Sets

Croquet Sets
Croquet Sets. Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber.com

Croquet is a really pleasant outdoor game. Its history isn't completely clear, but it is clear that it's been around for over a hundred years. You can play croquet whether you have a small yard or a large one; you just set the hoops as close or as far as you need to. It takes some skill and requires some patience -- perfect training for some kids! How hard or soft do you need to hit the ball through the hoop? At what angle? You can't just smack that ball with the mallet without thinking. While you wait for the other players to take their turns, you can plan your shot, which works great - until a player hits your ball with theirs! Croquet sets are available for the young kids and for adults. Some are quite inexpensive (about $34) and some are rather costly (about $200). Choose one that is best for your families needs. More »

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