Outdoor Party Games - Steal the Bacon

This classic outdoor party game will encourage a sharp mind and reflexes

Sprinting to their goal!
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Here’s a great outdoor party game that’s perfect for school-age kids. The best part of this fun party game is that it gets kids to exercise their minds as well as their reflexes, and encourages great skills such as listening and following directions.

What you’ll need:

An object that kids can easily grab such as a soccer ball, baseball mitt, or a hat. This will be the "bacon."

How to play:

Divide kids into two equal-sized teams (if you don’t have an even number of kids, one of the kids can be assigned two numbers or a grown-up can jump in).

Have the teams stand in two separate lines, separated by about 10 to 15 feet and facing each other. In the middle of the open space between the two teams, place the object that is to be the "bacon."

Assign each child on a team a number (in order, starting from number one). Do the same thing with the other team. Do not repeat or skip numbers.

When the moderator calls out a number, the kids on each team who have been assigned that number try to grab the "bacon." The one who can bring back the bacon to her side without being tagged wins a point for her team. If a child gets the bacon but is touched by the opposing team member, then no one gets the point.

The team that gets the most points -- say about 10 to 15 points, depending on how long you want the game to go -- wins the game.

Variation: To give the game an educational twist, call out numbers using math problems that need to be solved quickly, such as "two times two" or "three minus one."

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