Outdoor Party Games - Water Balloon Toss

Here's a great outdoor party game that lets kids cool off with water play

water balloons outdoor party games
Playing games with water balloons is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Photolyric/Getty Images

What better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than with an outdoor party game that gets kids soaked with water balloons? Here are a few fun ideas:

1. Water Balloon Catch Game

The object of the game is to catch the water balloons so that they don’t pop. But having them burst in your hands can be just as fun!

What you’ll need:

Filled water balloons

How to play:

Have kids line up in pairs. Have each pair stand a couple of feet apart facing each other.

The object of the game is to have kids throw the filled water balloon back and forth to their partner without it bursting. After each catch, the child who caught the balloon has to take a small step back. The more they catch, the farther apart they will get from their partner. The pair who still has an intact water balloon after everyone else’s has burst wins.

2. Water Balloon Target Throw

This game lets kids test their aim as they try to hit a certain point on the sidewalk.

What you’ll need:

Filled water balloons

Sidewalk chalk

How to play:

Draw targets on the sidewalk or pavement with sidewalk chalk. Draw some targets closer and others farther away, so that you have varying levels of difficulty. You can label the farther-away targets as being worth more points. (Note: Be sure to let kids who are younger play against each other and older kids play in another group so that the competition is more balanced and fair.)

3. Water Balloon Toss and Catch

This fun game is like a game of catch, only it uses towels as mitts to catch the balloons.

What you'll need:

Filled water balloons

Towels (one for each pair of kids who are "catchers")

How to play:

Have kids divide up into 2 teams. Each team member will either throw or catch.

The catchers will work in pairs, with each child grabbing one end of the towel. Each team member will rotate so that everyone has a turn as either the "pitcher" or catcher. Whichever team catches the most balloons without dropping them wins.

More Ideas for Outdoor Party Games:

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