Review: Oxy Maximum Action Rapid Spot Treatment

Oxy Maximum Action Rapid Spot Treatment
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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment is an over-the-counter acne treatment cream that contains benzoyl peroxide. After cleansing, apply in a thin layer over your entire face, even on the areas where you don't have any pimples. Do this one to three times daily. Don't wash it off.

This treatment cream will work best for mild acne and, in some cases, moderate acne. It won't help clear up severe acne.

If you're using a prescription acne medication, don't use this product unless your dermatologist gives you the go ahead.

Active Ingredient

Benzoyl peroxide 10%


About $7 for a 1 oz. tube

Where You Can Buy It

You can find this spot treatment at your local drug stores, big box stores like Target and Walmart.


  • It contains the strongest percentage of benzoyl peroxide you can get in an over-the-counter product.
  • The lotion itself has a smooth, creamy feel.
  • Although it's a small tube, a small bit goes a long way.


  • If it's not carefully rubbed in, you might be left with white streaks on the face.
  • It can be drying.
  • It can burn or sting after applying.

Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment Full Review

If you're looking for an effective acne treatment that you can get over the counter, a benzoyl peroxide cream is the way to go. Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment fits that bill.

Despite the fact that it's labeled a "spot treatment," you don't just apply it on existing spots. Instead, you'll smooth the lotion over the entire face, even on those areas that are currently breakout-free.

Using it in this way will give you a better result than just dabbing it on individual pimples. Spot treating might help heal those existing pimples more quickly, but it won't do anything to clear your skin long term. By using the lotion over the entire face, you get the best of both worlds: healing existing pimples and reducing the formation of new ones.

Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment has a surprisingly smooth, light and creamy feel. I feel like it disappears into my skin. Another one of my testers, though, thought it left a slightly sticky feel.

You'll want to apply this lotion in a thin, even layer over the skin. Make sure it's completely absorbed, though. The lotion itself is white, but it dries clear.

On a few occasions, I found white streaks across my face where I didn't completely rub it in (I was in a hurry.) I wasn't the only one, though. One of my reviewers had the same experience. In fact, yet another reviewer felt that this benzoyl peroxide lotion was much harder to rub in than others that she had used in the past.

I was surprised at the number of applications you get from that one small tube. I figured I'd fly through it in about a week or two. Not so. The cream actually goes a long way. Just a small pea-sized amount is more than adequate to cover the entire face.

On the packaging it promised to "visibly reduce redness in four hours." We took them up on that pledge. What we found, according to our completely unscientific research, was that minor pimples did indeed look smaller and less red (not in four hours, but after an overnight application).

Those big, deep zits didn't really change, especially not in just a few hours' time.

Like all benzoyl peroxide lotions, this one can be drying. Although my reviewers and I all felt it was fairly gentle considering the high percentage of benzoyl peroxide, some of us still experienced burning and stinging after application.

If you're a benzoyl peroxide newbie, you'll probably want to start with a product with a lower concentration of the ingredient. You can work your way up to a 10% benzoyl peroxide, like this one, over time.

And, the smell was a bit hit or miss. Some really liked it, some didn't.

One of my reviewers flat out said "it stinks." I personally didn't think it was that bad. To me the fragrance was weirdly reminiscent of Ivory soap!

For a benzoyl peroxide lotion, Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment is a fairly good buy. It's probably best for those with oily skin, tough skin, or skin that's already accustomed to benzoyl peroxide. If you have sensitive skin, this product will probably be too much for you.

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