What Your Toddler Can Use to Paint Other Than a Brush

Think Beyond the Paint Brush

Toddler finger and handprint painting
Toddler finger and handprint painting. Getty Images/Igor Emmerich/Image Source

Creative play is so essential to your child's development. Painting, in particular, allows your child to have fun and express their creativity while learning new skills. It's such a simple activity, yet it's beneficial in so many ways. You can introduce your child to painting very early on. The purpose of painting is for your child to unleash their creativity, not create the next masterpiece, so let them get messy and enjoy themselves.

Your child will eventually graduate from painting with their fingers to being able to hold objects and paint with brushes. Paint brushes are obviously made for painting, but they can become a bit boring if that's all your toddler uses every single time they paint. You may have switched from brushes with chubby handles made for little hands to delicate, thin-tipped watercolor brushes, but that might not be enough to keep your toddler interested. A little variety to pique their interest and hold their attention is always welcome.

Benefits of Painting

Painting allows your child to have fun and be creative, and it's beneficial in many ways. Children who paint learn to think with an open mind and express themselves more accurately, skills that will remain with them through life. Painting itself is a skill. Your child will not only have fun painting, but they will also enjoy seeing your reaction to their artwork, building their self-esteem.

It's also a major stress reliever. Your child probably doesn't have many stressors, but you probably do. More and more research says that painting and drawing are incredible stress relievers for adults, so don't let your toddler have all the fun. Grab a brush and paint with your child.

Painting stimulates both sides of the brain: the right side houses emotion and creativity, and the left side houses logic.

Painting connects both sides, which allows your child to use more of their abilities and reach their full potential.

Alternative Painting Tools

Think beyond the brush and incorporate some of these tools into your toddler's arsenal of art supplies. As with all art activities, be sure to supervise.

  1. Cookie cutters
  2. Forks
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Ric rac ribbon trim
  5. String
  6. A potato
  7. Sponges cut into shapes
  8. Fingers
  9. Cups
  10. Feathers
  11. Pipe cleaners
  12. A stick
  13. Wooden blocks
  14. An apple
  15. Mini rolling pins
  16. A potato masher
  17. A fly swatter
  18. Spaghetti
  19. A toy car
  20. Thread spools
  21. Biscuit cutters
  22. Crumpled up plastic wrap
  23. Citrus fruit
  24. Spray bottles
  25. A piece of chain
  26. Leaves
  27. Straws
  28. Foam blocks
  29. A beaded necklace
  30. Grasses
  31. Toothbrushes
  32. Corn cobs
  33. Twine
  34. Toilet paper rolls
  35. Mittens
  36. Eye droppers
  37. Turkey baster
  38. Fish tank net
  39. Bubble wrap
  40. Bingo markers
  41. Crumpled up aluminum foil
  42. Feet
  43. Cotton swabs
  44. Stencils
  45. Spatulas
  46. Lace
  47. Condiment bottles
  48. Ribbons
  49. Latex gloves
  50. Golf balls

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