Pair Fitbit Flex With Nokia to Lose Weight

Use Lumia's unique phone features to lose weight more effectively


Want a free Fitbit Flex? You can get one right now when you purchase a new Nokia Lumia 830. The new phone will be released in the United States this week. When you buy the stylish new smartphone at AT&T, you get a free Fitbit Flex while supplies last.

Pair Nokia Lumia with Fitbit to Lose Weight

One of the cool features of the new Lumia 830 is Cortana. This is the voice-activated personal assistant that helps you to navigate different features of your phone and keeps your life organized and easy.

Once you set up your free Fitbit Flex, you can use Cortana make weight loss easier.

For example, logging your daily calories is simple with Cortana. Simply say "I had eggs for breakfast” and the food is logged into your nutrition profile on the Fitbit app.  There's no need to type in long lists of meal ingredients to count your calories. Cortana does the work for you. If you're trying to lose weight, this simplified system is key. You need to get an accurate calorie count in order to achieve the right energy balance for weight loss. Cortana and Fitbit together make it easier to get the numbers right.

Does Cortana + Fitbit Really Work?

I had a chance to try out the new Nokia 830 with my Fitbit Flex to see how well Cortana could understand my specific commands. You might imagine that with the millions of possible food-related combinations and commands there could be some confusion trying to log food items.

But Cortana recognized every food item I asked her to log. In addition, she understood when I told her how many items I ate as well.  I tested Cortana in both noisy and quiet environment and the system worked seamlessly.

Keep in mind, that this automated feature works with Cortana on the Nokia 830, but not directly through the Fitbit app.

So if you try to log items with Siri, she's likely to get confused. But developers are working to include the feature directly into the Fitbit app.  In addition, the feature only works for logging food.  In the near future, however, developers hope to teach Cortana how to log exercise activities as well.

How Much Does the Nokia Lumia Cost?

Of course, to get the Fitbit Flex you need to buy the phone. The cost of the new Nokia depends on your plan. According to the company, these are the price points for the Lumia 830 at AT&T:

  • Zero down and $18.75 a month on the AT&T Next 18 program
  • Zero down and $22.50 a month on the AT&T Next 12 program
  • $99.99 with a two-year contract
  • $449.99 with no contract 

Keep in mind that the cost of a new Fitbit Flex will set you back $99.95 if you buy it directly from the website.

Do I Need an Activity Monitor to Lose Weight?

There are dozens of activity monitors on the market. Can you lose weight without one? Sure. In fact, there are even some downsides to using diet apps for weight loss.

But for many people, they make losing weight more simple. And when the weight loss process is easier, it is often more effective.

I'm checking out the Fitbit Flex with my new Nokia Lumia 830 right now.  Stay tuned for a full review of Fitbit and Cortana once I've had a chance to use the tools for a while.  In the meantime, check out our walking expert's review of the Fitbit Flex if you want to learn more about the product.

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