Papa Joe Aviance Walks Off 255 Pounds

Shops the 99 Cent Store for Healthy Food

Papa Joe Aviance - Before and After
Papa Joe Aviance - Before and After. Joe Aviance

You've got a hit single and the video is getting heavy play. But you can't stand looking at yourself weighing 400 pounds in it. Not to mention the next 50 pounds that came on after that. Papa Joe Aviance looked in the mirror and thought, "You can't look like you look in this video and be on Billbord." As his track went to #6 on Billboard, he had his wake-up call to say "No more."

He went to the kitchen and threw out everything that he knew was bad for him.

He put on his shoes and started walking. He couldn't afford to join a gym -- as a featured artist, he was paid a one-time fee with no residuals, and his day job barely paid the bills. The sidewalk became his treadmill. "The first time, I couldn't walk around the block. I had mounds of sweat pouring down my face. But I looked at the video and I kept going." He worked his way up to walking five miles per day.
How to start walking

99 Cent Store Diet?
Papa Joe's destination was the 99 Cent Store. "Everyone was saying eating healthy is too expensive. But the 99 Cent Store has fruits, vegetables and tuna. I saved so much money! I spent $30 to $40 for two weeks."

He discovered what our great-grandparents knew -- rice and beans are cheap and you can eat them five days a week. He cut out sugar and sodas. He buys things in bulk to save money. Papa Joe still made trips to the regular grocery store for meat, some fruits and vegetables.

But his diet staples were inexpensive. How to diet on a budget

255 Pounds in 18 Months
Papa Joe lost 255 pounds in 18 months and has kept it off for a year and seven months. He says he had always been heavy, from age six up to age 38. "I thought my weight was a life sentence. If I hadn't have made this change, my life would have been over."

Today he says he has more confidence, more drive, more energy, more focus. "It's like starting over -- you are older, wiser, and ready to take on the world."

Papa Joe lives in Los Angeles and said he had a good walking environment. "I'm a rock star in my community. People greet me on the street when they see me walking." He puts on his music and goes walking. Now he has started hiking as well. "I get to the top and I'm King of the World!"

Diet Success Tips
He worked on getting to know what his food triggers are -- what and why he was eating.

He dealt with cravings by giving in -- but "if you want it so bad, walk there and get it!" He found that by the time he had walked over two miles to the store, either the craving was pretty much gone or he had burned enough calories with the walk to enjoy it.

He recommends sticking with things you know and enjoy eating to stick with your diet. For example, he likes broccoli and doesn't like Brussels sprouts, so he buys the broccoli.

He makes the occasional trek to the farmer's market for organic fruits and vegetables, but that is a 14 mile round trip.

"There are no excuses. It's simple. It's easy to start. You have to have the will and desire to change. Just get up and do it!"

He is bringing his positive music out on tour. "I'm the Tony Robbins of house music," he says. He has a clothing line and is enjoying life.

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