Paper Plate Bird Craft for Preschoolers

A fun and easy craft for spring!

Paper plate bird craft
This paper plate bird craft lets preschooler work on fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, and placing pieces in the right spot. Amanda Rock

The best kinds of crafts are the ones where kids have a chance to be creative, but where they are also able to learn something as well. This paper plate bird craft might look simple to put together (and it is!), but it also gives your preschooler a chance to work on important fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, and placing objects in the correct spot, all while flexing his creative muscles.

If you work on this craft in the spring, it also allows you the opportunity to talk to your preschooler about the changing of the seasons. Tie in a mini-science lesson as you talk about the habits of birds in your area during this time of year. Does your preschooler hear them chirping every morning? Can she see them in the trees? Are there any nests or babies that either of you can spy?

While there are basic directions to follow (see below), there are lots of fun ways to customize this paper plate craft. For example:

  • While the directions call for a paper plate to serve as the base of the craft, you could also use a thicker card stock.
  • You can change the colors of the plate or the paper you use for the body of the bird.
  • Your preschooler can choose various colors for the bird's beak, the feathers, and the tail.
  • Your preschooler can also add stickers to the bird once it has been created.

No matter how your little one chooses to complete the craft, make sure this is something he is able to do on his own. It might be tempting to straighten out the nose, or make sure that the eyes are lined up in the right spot, but then it becomes your perfect work, not a reflection of what your preschooler was capable of completing at that time. Enjoy the work for what it is and allow your preschooler plenty of artistic freedom!

Before you undertake any crafts with your preschooler, it's a good idea to lay out everything you need first. Sometimes with crafts, especially those that have some drying time (like this one!), it's better to have all supplies right on hand. This will hopefully cut down on impatience and could help prevent temper tantrums.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper plate or cardstock
  • Feathers
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Colored paper
  • Orange paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Markers and crayons

Get Crafting!

  1. Fold a paper plate in half and trim the fluted edges. Or, cut cardstock into a circle and fold in half.
  2. Have your preschooler cut colored paper into thin strips. Glue the paper strips to the tail end of the bird. Let dry.
  3. Trace a triangle or beak shape onto the orange paper. Have your preschooler glue the beak and the googly eyes in the area of the bird's face. Let dry.
  4. Glue feathers onto the bird's body.
  5. Ask your preschooler how he would like to decorate the bird, either with stickers or by coloring with markers and/or crayons.
  6. Let your preschooler write his name on the underside of the plate. Have him add the date it too!
  7. Place your preschooler's bird in a cheerful place!

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