Parents of the Boyfriend - Teen Pregnancy

Teenage couple (16-18) holding hands, mid section
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Finding out that your teen son has gotten his girlfriend pregnant is a shock - physically and emotionally. You need to take a deep breath before you truly deal with it. While your son will not have to worry about the physical problems of the pregnancy, you need to be part of the solution to this, so you need to be thinking as clearly as possible. If you reacted initially in a way that you are now ashamed of, fall back and regroup with your teen.

Teenage boys do not have many options when it comes to deciding if the pregnancy will go forward or not. Your son's options will be based on what the mother of the baby decides to do. But there are a few things you should do to prepare:

  • You will want to contact local youth services to find out all of your teen son's legal options and responsibilities during and after the pregnancy.
  • You will want to get in contact with the pregnant mother's parents, letting them know you wish to be kept informed and keep contact information.
  • Talk to your son about what the expectations of a fatherhood are and the responsibilities he will now have.
  • Get your son some support and help through local youth services.

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