Parenting Bloggers Share Their Holiday Traditions

girls sitting infront of Christmas tree

Tis' the season for enjoying and sharing holiday traditions! Once a year you are allowed to not-so-subtly push your beloved childhood traditions onto your kids. Or if your childhood traditions were boring, weird or less than memorable, you have the opportunity to create new ones. Parenting bloggers and Scary Mommy contributors shared some of their holiday traditions. Get into the holiday spiriting with us!

Dad and Buried: The anti-parent parenting blog

Each year, after the Christmas tree goes up, every time we open a bottle of champagne (which, thanks to my wife, is QUITE OFTEN), I try to shoot the star with the cork. My 5 year old is desperate for his chance to take aim, and one of these days I'm gonna let him. With sparkling cider, of course :)

Martinis and Motherhood

Each year we decorate two trees. A small one and a big one. The small one is adorned in whatever the kids choose for it. They make their own ornaments, hang old keepsakes and photos, and arrange things however they like. The bigger tree is for the whole family to decorate together. It is the more coordinated of the two trees but isn't quite as meaningful or special as the little one.

Happily Ever Laughter Blog

 We all wear matching Christmas pajamas for Christmas Eve. My parents did it for my sister and I and we do it for our children.

I expect they will do it for their children also. I hope so.

Suburban Shit Show: Tales from the Tree-Lined Trenches

Christmas Eve is a night just for us. We make cookies, give the kids our presents to them (pajamas, a book and a movie) and their presents they bought for each other, watch a Christmas movie and read, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Magnificence in the Mundane

Our tradition is creating a Christmas Village display, complete with an ice rink and train track. Each item has to be unwrapped and then we figure out how to get it all in one one table because we buy pieces throughout the year. It is so large it is a project to display and it is one of the few times all 5 of us are home working on something together all year, I look forward to giving each of my sons a few pieces to start their own villages with their families. We often joke that they aren't allowed to marry anyone poor girl who doesn't support the Christmas Village.

This Is Motherhood

On Christmas Day we all work on a big 1000 piece puzzle together. It's a fun project that includes everyone. We pick the puzzle much earlier in the year and try to find something that is a bit goofy. 

Jen Simon

My mom always had my sister and me decorate "Hanukkah bags." We would cover brown paper grocery bags with drawings and stickers. Every night, she would put a different gift in our bag. I know now that she didn't want to wrap everything, but making the bags was a fun thing to do and I have my older son do it (and will involve the little guy when he's old enough).

Jill Ceder

For Hanukkah, my extended family (45 people and growing) gather together to do a gift exchange and a big dinner where every family contributes a dish.

Seeing my cousins and extended family is something I look forward to all year. For Christmas, my tradition is to celebrate with my best friends' family. As a Jewish kid, it felt special to be part of a Christmas dinner and open gifts from under a Christmas tree. Over 20 years later, I am still celebrating Christmas with my best friends from sleep away camp and now we all have children of our own.


Every year around Christmas we go to the Choo Choo Barn, which is a huge model train layout near us. The boys love seeing all of the running trains and there is always a new, tiny detail to discover.

It's a simple tradition that brings us a lot of fun memories smile emoticon.

The 21st Century SAHM

My husband is very close to his Swedish roots. We have Swedish pancakes, bondost cheese, and potato sausage with our kids on holidays.

Scarlett Ballantyne

I've always found Christmas to be a lonely time, as I have memories of my own childhood as an only child of divorced parents, either being with one parent or the other, with no real traditions. With my own children, I have tried to shake the anti-Christmas feelings. We now have a big Christmas Eve party, where many friends that we don't see often drop in for a visit and Christmas cheer. The kids love it and it is a nice way to start the holidays - then we sit around and eat and watch movies for the next two days.

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