Parenting Teens Contracts: Teen Dating

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Sometimes clear communication in discipline takes the written word. Below is a parenting contract for your personal use with your teens. Use the print button on this page to print it out. Please feel free to use as it is or make it your own.

Parents and Teens Contract: Dating

I know being allow to go out on dates is a privilege. I respect that my parents love me and want to keep me safe. My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of dating openly.
With that in mind, we agree:
  1. To keep communicating about our family values on dating, relationships and physical contact, including sexual relations. (Define your family values below or on a separate but attached sheet.)
  2. I will introduce my date to my parents before I will be able to go out alone on a date with him/her. I understand that I may go out on group dates with friends my parents know without introductions, but still keeping open communication.
  3. I will not date anyone __________ years older than me or anyone ___________ years younger than me.
  4. I am allowed to go on ______ dates per week, this includes visiting at each other's homes but not group or school outings.
  5. I will be home - in the door and date gone - by my curfew.
  6. I will tell my parents where I am going to be and with whom for the entire time I am gone.
  7. My responsibilities come first. (Define responsibilities below or on the back side of this page.) I will keep up with these responsibilities or possibly lose my dating privileges.

    The consequences for not following through with these limits on dating are: (Break it down to first offense, second offense, etc.)

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