Parenting Teens Contracts: Laptop Use

Mother and daughter using laptop together at home.
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Sometimes clear communication in discipline takes the written word. Below is a parenting contract for your personal use. Use the print button on this page to print it out. Please feel free to use as it or make it your own.

Parents and Teens Contract: Laptop Use

I know having a laptop is a privilege. I respect that my parents love me and want to keep me safe. My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of having the use of the laptop.
With that in mind, we agree:
  1. The laptop will be kept in a public area of the house. It will never be in use in my bedroom. Define areas below.
  2. I will be on the laptop no later than ______________ on School nights and __________________ on weekends.
  3. I will only use the laptop for ______________ hours per weekday. And ______________ per weekend day.
  4. I will plug the laptop in daily to charge over night. Define area to plug in:
  5. My responsibilities come first. I will not chat, IM or use any social networking site until my responsibilities are completed for the day. Define responsibilities below.
  6. I am responsible for letting someone know if the laptop is having any problems.

The consequences for not following through with these limits on the laptop use are:

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