Parents Don't Like Their Son's Girlfriend

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A mom seeks advice: My 17-year-old son is dating a 15-year-old girl. He is completely besotted with her, has lost interest in his hobbies and his friends and spends most of his time with her or on the phone to her. She is quite unlike the nice girls he has previously dated. She has on her own account already had sex with 8 boys, her own father says she is a compulsive liar and recently accused her of stealing money from the home.

He has had to get up at 3.30 am last week to pick her up from the town center where she had been out drinking as she didn't want her parents to know she had been out.

We have expressed our concerns to our son that she will hurt him or cause trouble for him however he says she is with him now and people change.

We have tried to be tolerant and calm and would not try to tell him that he cannot see her, however, my husband (his Dad) now does not want her name mentioned and does not want her in our house. This is causing a lot of friction between my son and his dad whom he has always had a very close relationship with. I'm afraid that this is just more likely to make my son pull away from his family and further into the arms of his girlfriend. His girlfriend's parents feel my son is a good influence on their daughter and are delighted with him. Can anyone give me some good advice, I feel torn between my son and my husband?

Denise's thoughts: I would try talking with him, if you can keep your feelings in check. An honest heart-to-heart. Letting him know why you are worried, but telling him that you respect his decisions. Then back off, because as long as you and your husband are the 'bad guys' the more she can hold on to him.

If you remove yourself as the problem, he may begin to she her antics as not something he wants to deal with.

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