9 DIY Party Decorations to Make with Kids

Save money and have fun by making your own party decorations with your kids.

Paper Starburst

kids' birthday party decorations
Easy and pretty paper starbursts are perfect for parties Make paper starbursts in lots of colors for party decorations. Katherine Lee

Learn how to make these beautiful and easy paper party decorations for your next kids' birthday party or other celebration. Not only will making your own party decorations be a fun project to do with kids, but it'll save you money, too. And best of all, making your own paper party decorations gives kids a chance to practice fine-motor skills and use their creativity to make pretty decorations they'll be proud to show off for a special event.

Kids will love making these gorgeous paper starbursts to hang all around the house.

Learn how to make this easy paper starburst decoration with kids. You can string these on a bit of colorful twine to make a garland or hang them from the ceiling, or tape them around door frames for a festive look.

Paper Dahlia Flowers

paper dahlia flowers for kids
Gorgeous paper dahlia flowers that are fun and easy to make How to make paper dahlia flowers. Katherine Lee

You and your child will love making these easy and beautiful blossoms of paper dahlia flowers.

These gorgeous paper dahlia flowers can add a dramatic touch and beautiful bursts of color to any room. They 

Paper Fan Decorations

paper fan decorations
Pretty hanging paper fan decorations for parties. Katherine Lee

These pretty paper fans will make wonderful decorations for any party.

Making these beautiful hanging paper fans is as easy as folding paper and taping them together. They are the perfect craft for kids, and will make beautiful decorations for your next kids' party or any celebration.

Colorful Paper Chains

Paper chains are links to colorful fun Pretty and easy paper chain craft for kids. Katherine Lee

Here a fun update of a pretty kids' craft that makes the perfect party decoration--paper chains!

Make these pretty and colorful paper chains to hang around the room for your next party. In just a few steps, you'll have lots of festive and fun chains to hang around the room for a party. And kids will absolutely adore working on these fun chains--it's a classic kids' craft that never feels old, and using brightly-colored paper will make these decorations even more fun!

Crepe Paper Flowers

paper flowers
Pretty paper flowers for a table, a garland, or a wreath. Katherine Lee

Make bunches of these pretty crepe paper flowers with kids.

These easy and beautiful crepe paper flowers are perfect for making bunches of paper blossoms for a party table. You can even make a whole batch of blossoms and glue them onto a cardboard ring to make a pretty paper flower wreath to hang over chairs, doorknobs, and any other place around the house.

Washi Tape Cake Flags

washi tape ideas
Colorful washi tape flags to add to a cake. Katherine Lee

Washi tape flags make cute and colorful cake decorations for any occasion.

These pretty washi tape cake flags are just the thing to decorate a cake for a kids' birthday party or any other celebration. All you need is some washi tape in pretty colors and patterns, some twine, and a couple of skewers. It's super-easy and fun for kids!

Place Cards

Easter crafts
Pretty place cards to make with kids for the table. Katherine Lee

Kids will love making these adorable place cards for any party or special occasion.

This is a particularly fun craft for school-age kids, who love writing people's names and adding their own personal touches to things people will use. These pretty place cards for guests will certainly come in handy at any party.

Gift Bags

Easter craft for kids
Colorful party favor gift bags to make with kids. Katherine Lee

Let your child add a personal touch to gift bags for your next kids' party.

Make these pretty personalized gift bags with kids to give out to guests as a party favor bag at your next party. Kids can add names and use a paper punch to glue on flowers or butterflies to these cute and colorful gift bags.

Vellum Birds Garland

How to make pretty vellum birds garlands for your next party. Katherine Lee

Vellum paper is perfect for making a pretty bird-shaped garland.

This vellum birds garland is so pretty, your child will want to make several strands to put them all around the house for your next party. 

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