7 Passive Fundraisers That Benefit Your Child's School

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Want to help raise money for your child's school, but aren't sure how to work it into your budget? Are you a school parent volunteer looking for ways to raise money that your fellow school parents can manage? Several corporations now offer give-back or rewards programs that donate back a percentage of sales made to programs chosen by the purchaser.  

These programs are known as passive fundraisers.

Passive fundraisers simply require a shopper to register and designate what school or non-profit organization they would like to support. They do not cost any extra money on behalf of the purchaser. Here are seven popular passive fundraisers:

1. e-scrip

Through e-scrip, purchasers register their store reward cards or credit cards into the e-scrip system.  They then select which organizations they would like to support - such as their school's non-profit program or PTA/PTO. From that point on, whenever the purchaser uses their registered cards at participating stores, the stores donate a percentage of the sale to the designated non-profit. E-scrip works with a variety of  merchants, both online and in-store retailers. To access e-scrip, click here: e-scrip

2. Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile! is similar to e-scrip in that you go to the website and designate what organization you would like a percentage of your sales to go to.

After registering, simply begin your amazon shopping from the amazon.smile.com URL for a percentage of sales from eligible items to go to your chosen non-profit.  

I registered for Amazon Smile!, and was given a reminder to switch into Amazon Smile! when I started at Amazon.com. More about Amazon Smile!

can be found here: smile.amazon.com

3. Labels for Education: 

With the Labels for Education program, purchasers collect the UPC scan code off of participating products, then give the codes to the group contact who mails them into the Labels for Education program to earn points that can be sued to purchase items from the Labels for Education program.  

This can make it easy for parents to support the program by simply saving the code from products they would normally buy, then sending the codes to the school. A volunteer would then mail in the points.  The points can be redeemed for new classroom materials or playground equipment. Find out more about the Labels for Education program here: www.labelsforeducation.com

Special Note: The 2016-2017 school year is the last school year this program will be offered. If your school participates in this fundraiser, be sure to send in all labels before the final deadline of August 1, 2017. Check the website at www.labelsforeducation.com for details.

4. Box Tops For Education

Box Tops for Education is the passive school fundraising program for General Mills and related products.  Several products from General Mills, Glad, Kraft, Hanes and other brands have a Box top symbol that parents collect and then submit to their designated school box top volunteer.


A designated volunteer coordinator from your child's school then mails in the box tops. Each box top is worth 10 cents. Twice a year Box Tops for Education mails out checks redeeming the cash for mailed in box tops to schools who send in box tops. The wide variety of products makes it easy for families to collect box tops from the products they would already purchase.  

School supporters can sign up for coupons and special offers on products participating in the Box Tops program. Supporters can also download a smartphone app that can provide bonus credit to the selected school. More information about Box Tops for Education can be found here: More information about Box Tops for Education can be found here: www.Boxtops4education.com

5. Tyson Project A +

Tyson chicken has started an education fundraising program similar to the label programs above. Several Tyson chicken products now have a special label that can be clipped, given to a designated school volunteer, and redeemed for 24 cents each. Parents can also sign up for email offers at the Tyson Project A+ website.

6. Jamba Juice School Appreciation Card

Jamba Juice has a rewards program that ties directly to school PTA's. A PTA member can sign up your child's school for the Jamba Juice Rewards program. Keychain size cards are then shipped to the school's PTA to be distributed to parents. When the parents swipe their rewards card with their Jamba Juice purchases, 10% of the purchase goes to the school PTA and 2% to the National PTA. More information can be found here:http://www.jambajuice.com/more-jamba/fundraising

7. Fred Meyer Community Rewards

This Pacific Northwest retailer decided that their customers should decide which non-profits should receive the companies annual donations to non-profits. Schools along with their PTA/PTO's that are registered 501(c) 3 corporations can participate by registering with the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Once registered, individual shoppers can connect their Fred Meyer Rewards card to their chosen non-profit. Shopping and spending at the store then becomes like a vote for your group to receive a portion of the amount Fred Meyer donates to non-profits. 

The minimum payout is $25. If your group does not reach that amount in one year, the amount they did earn will rollover until the year a minimum $25 is reached, More information can be found here: https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4

If you are a school parent volunteer seeking ways to increase funding for your child's school or extracurricular programs, you can use the above links to find out how to sign your school up for these fundraisers.  Be sure you are familiar with your local and state guidelines to be sure these fundraisers comply with local rules and guidelines.

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