Patriotic Baby Names

Names for Babies Born on the 4th of July

Baby with American flag
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The 4th of July is a holiday that celebrates the birthday of the United States of America, also known as Independence Day. While the signing of the Declaration of Independence began on the second of July, the Continental Congress adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence on the fourth, which is why we celebrate that day. Some families are happy to name their baby after a nearby holiday if they give birth.

So here are some names for you if you have an Independence Day baby. You could also use these for other patriotic holidays like Flag Day (June 14th).

I find it really interesting that there is actually a divide in baby names, based on whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. Not only did the study look at baby names and the voter registration of the parents, but it then took the names and analyzed them. People chose different names based on their political affiliation.

One thing that they found in the baby names study based on political party, was that the types of names varied. It found that people who were Democrats chose softer sounding names like Maria, Gabe, and Republicans use harder ending sounds for the names, like K and T - think Brett or Hank. 

The study also found that education and race/ethnicity played a part into what baby names were chosen. Caucasian Americans were less likely to choose an unusual name than others.


Patriotic Girl Names

  1. Glory/Gloria – nickname for a flag
  2. Julia – meaning July
  3. Liberty – freedom
  4. America - for the country (e.g. America Ferrera)
  5. Belle - as in liberty bell, though it means beauty in French
  6. Betsy - like Betsy Ross, sewed the first flag

Patriotic Boy Names

  1. John – president and more
  1. Lincoln – president
  2. George – president
  3. Hayes – president
  4. Carter – president
  5. Jackson – president
  6. Julian/Julius - for July

The truth is there are a million names. There are probably just as many politicians and historical figures. This would be a great place for you to look for a name for your baby. You want to get a name that means something to you and to your family. You don't want a name that was necessarily picked for you. Use the above names a jumping off point. See America Ferrera and jump to Amerigo Vespucci, and keep going until you figure out a baby name that fits your style, your family, and what you want it to convey. Find more baby names in your favorite baby name books, historical documents, history books, and in the local museums. I also think graveyards are great places to get awesome baby names that are a bit out of style.

"My husband and I were visiting his mother's grave on Mother's day," Sarah told me. "Quite by accident we were just walking through reading the names and looking at the dates. Wondering out loud about the lives the people had had. We were in a section we hadn't been before and I saw a group of interesting headstones. I went over and read the names out loud.

As soon as I said Adalynn, I knew that would be an awesome name for our daughter. My husband took a bit more convincing, but, in the end, it worked out."

It just goes to show you that you don't know where you'll find names, even patriotic ones! 

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