Pat's List of Reasons to Quit Smoking Smoking Cessation support forum member Pat's list of reasons for quitting smoking. 

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From Pat:

1) I’m only one puff away from a pack a day and I DON’T EVER WANT TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL AGAIN (hell week, heck week, the dreaded icky threes…)!!The smokers’ health insurance premium penalty under the Affordable Care Act is up to $10,000 per year for two of us!

2) The cost of cigarettes is already around $5,000 per year for the two of us and rising all the time – with the additional cost of health insurance it could cost us $15,000 per year to smoke.

3) My husband will probably start again if I don’t quit and stay quit (in fact, he’s probably counting on my failure to justify his starting again – I’ll show him!)

4) I can stop coughing and being stuffed up.

5) I can stop having a sore throat.

6) I will sleep better without the stimulation of nicotine, the coughing, and the congestion.

7) I can sing again.

8) I can stop being enslaved by cigarettes.

9) I won’t have to go out in cold/hot weather unless I’m going some place.

10) I’ll feel better.

11) I can take deep, cleansing breaths.

12) I won’t be as miserable in airports, meetings, etc., where I’m cooped up and unable to go out for a smoke.

13) I can save hundreds of dollars per month.

If you're thinking about stubbing out that last cigarette and getting your own quit program underway, take the time to write out your list of reasons for quitting.  It's a compelling tool to keep in your back pocket when the urge to smoke strikes as you are recovering from nicotine addiction.

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