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Granville Redmond's
Granville Redmond's "Valley Splendor". Public Domain

Granville Redmond was born in 1871 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His deafness is attributed to scarlet fever at age 2 1/2 years. Shortly after, his family moved to California where Redmond then attended the California School for the Deaf. One of his instructors was the deaf photographer Theophilus Hope d'Estrella. Redmond is considered to be d'Estrella's most famous student. 

After leaving the California School for the Deaf, Redmond attended the California School of Design and also studied in Paris.

In Paris, his roommate was another well-known deaf artist - the sculptor Douglas Tilden.

Career Facts

Redmond was a successful California landscape artist. His initial paintings were Impressionist landscapes filled with poppies, lupines, and other wildflowers. Later, he became one of California's first artists to embrace the Tonalist style painting, which tended towards monochromatic and muted tones to show nature's more dramatic and mysterious feel.  Redmond actually preferred to do dark paintings. He exhibited at several fairs and expos, winning several awards, including the gold medal W.E. Brown Award from the California School of Design. 

Granville Redmond: Silent Movie Actor

Redmond was a good friend of Charlie Chaplin's and had minor roles in eight Chaplin films from 1918-1931, such as The Gold Rush, The Kid, A Dog's Life, and City Lights. Chaplin reportedly learned ASL from Redmond.

Where to find Granville Redmond Paintings

Most of Redmond's original paintings are found in California in museums.

The California School for the Deaf has his painting "A Winter Scene on the Seine." The following California museums have his paintings, photographs of which can be viewed online:

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art - in their museum and online  "Landscape," and "California Poppy Field" are available. 
  • Orange County Museum of Art - "Silver and Gold"
  • Irvine Museum in Irvine, California has multiple Redmond California-themed paintings
  • Oakland Museum of California

What is the value of Granville Redmond art?

Granville Redmond's artworks are VERY collectible. Key auction houses such as Christie's sell his artwork. A small oil painting of his in the Impressionist style of poppies and lupines sold for $517,000.00. 

Buying Redmond

Where can you buy an inexpensive reproduction of Redmond's art? One source is the Grey Young Publishing website. At this time, there are several California landscape prints to choose from.

Redmond is also frequently mentioned in books on art, particularly California art. However, there does not seem to be any books solely about Redmond currently in print. In 1989, the Oakland Museum of California did publish a very rare book about Redmond (ASIN B0006EQ0K4).


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